Attorney Offers His Personal Cell Number and Free Consultations to New Clients


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- Often individuals who find themselves embroiled in a legal battle need support, nearly as much as legal defense. They go in to an office wanting a lawyer who will answer their calls, console them during times of stress, and respond appropriately to their questions. Often the service they walk away with is far less personable than expected. Fortunately there are a few lawyers, like Pennsylvania’s Joseph S. Mitchell III.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 4/25/13- Often attorneys seem aloof to clients. Projects and meetings are often relegated to assistants or paralegals. Phone calls, emails, and messages are either answered late or not at all.

One Pennsylvania lawyer is attempting to create a completely different scenario for those who invest in his legal services. Dozens of testimonials from satisfied previous clients suggest that Mr. Mitchell is meeting his goal.

Harvard graduate, Joseph S. Mitchell serves a wide range of clients, though his focus is primarily on personal injury and wrongful death suits. New clients are entitled to a free consultation that is set up in a timely manner. Even more surprisingly, they are encouraged on Mitchell’s website to ask for his cell phone when calling in to set up a consultation or request more information.

The law offices of Joseph Mitchell are located directly across the street from City Hall in Philadelphia. This centralized location makes it easy for Mitchell to keep up with clients and run back to the office as necessary.

Previous cases handled by Joseph Mitchell have included dog bites, police misconduct, motor vehicle accidents, nursing home neglect, and medical malpractice. Consumers facing these situations or any other medical quandaries are encouraged to contact a lawyer as soon after the incident as possible. This helps to ensure that the case is taken seriously and all evidence presented smoothly.

Though many accident cases are handled out of court, having an attorney present during any and all proceedings helps to ensure a fair benefit is awarded. Arbitration and mediation cases are still pressing legal matters, requiring the assistance of proper legal counsel. Consumers facing these situations are encouraged to never face the opposition without proper representation. Attorneys help clients make a decision on whether or not going to court is a move. In some cases mediation is the best option and in others, pursing further legal action is an absolute must.

Wading through the court system following a stressful accident or injury is a trying, difficult process. Having the right support is invaluable. Remember, consultations are free. Even if you are not sure if your case is valid, it is smart to contact an attorney immediately for guidance.

To learn more about Joseph S. Mitchell and his esteemed practice, schedule an interview, or book a consultation contact the Law Offices of Joseph F. Mitchell at 215-557-7111

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