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Attorney Ronald Ruskan Assisting in Preparation and Handling of Divorce Forms in Ohio

Attorney at Law Ronald Ruskan is a professional with thorough knowledge and experience in handling divorce cases in Ohio. He acts in the capacity of consultant for clients who prefer to handle their own divorce cases.


Galloway, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2014 -- Ronald Ruskan understands what a disorienting and emotionally stressful process filing for divorce can be and that’s why he goes to great lengths to discover all the relevant facts of each case and then to ensure that all clients are kept fully apprised of any developments at all times in their individual situations.

His office stated, “Attorney Ruskan will conduct a full interview by telephone with the client and answer any questions about Ohio divorce laws and how to get a dissolution or divorce in Ohio. After the preparation of documents there will be follow-up by telephone to review and explain the dissolution or divorce papers, and explain the process of filing for divorce in Ohio, or the process of an Ohio Dissolution of Marriage.”

Attorney at Law Ruskan also makes it very clear just what a client is responsible for during the process of filing for divorce or dissolution, so that no misunderstandings can occur. When both client and attorney have a thorough understanding of who does what, the process can proceed much more smoothly and without hang-ups.

“A client is responsible for the filing of the dissolution or divorce forms with the clerk of courts in their county and the payment of court costs. A client will file their dissolution or divorce papers “pro se” (representing self) and attend the final hearing but will have the advantage of an attorney preparing the documents after full consultation and explanation. Attorney Ruskan specializes in preparing dissolution and divorce papers for clients who are filing their own papers and want to greatly reduce the cost but still have the benefits of a lawyer interviewing the client, answering questions, and preparing papers,” stated the attorney.

The trauma of going through divorce or dissolution in the State of Ohio can be very difficult for anyone involved with it, but it need not be a financial disaster as well. With an experienced attorney like Ronald Ruskan standing by a self-representing client, there really is no need for the traditional exorbitant legal fees that would otherwise be part of the proceeding. He assists clients closely in filling divorce forms in Ohio divorce forms in Ohio.

About Ronald Ruskan
Ronald Ruskan is an attorney who graduated from the George Washington School of Law in Washington, D.C., and has more than 30 years of law practice to his credit. One of his specialties is in the preparation of dissolution and divorce papers for those clients who wish to handle most of their own legal representation during the process, but still desire to have a knowledgeable and experienced attorney at their side.

Clients wishing to gain an understanding of how to file for divorce in Ohio how to file for divorce in Ohio could hardly do better than to consult with Mr. Ruskan and benefit by the many years of his experience handling such cases in the state of Ohio.

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