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Attorney Ruskan Assisting Clients File for Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage in Ohio

You must not file for divorce or dissolution of marriage in Ohio yourself, but with an attorney preparing the papers, answering your questions and guiding you through the process.


Galloway, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2014 -- With the high cost of lawyers many people are trying to file their own divorce or dissolution of marriage in Ohio. This is known as “pro se” or representing oneself.

Divorce kits which are sold in stores or online often do not meet the specific requirements of Ohio divorce law. Forms which are provided by courts are helpful but if a person doesn’t put in the right information on forms or interpret the questions properly, their papers will not be correct.

“An alternative to the high cost of a lawyer or to doing the papers yourself, is what is known as Limited Service Representation”, says Attorney Ronald Ruskan who helps clients prepare papers that they will file themselves. “This is where the lawyer and client agree that the lawyer will only perform certain services.  The lawyer interviews the client and prepares the papers. The client files them and the client goes to the final hearing without the lawyer. This is a way to greatly reduce the cost of a dissolution or divorce and still have the benefits of a lawyer interviewing the client, answering questions, and preparing papers”.

“It can be time consuming and frustrating for a person to do their own research and to prepare all the papers themselves”, he continues. “Clerks of court are not supposed to give legal advice and will often not answer many questions which pro se filers have. The client should have the benefit of a full interview which answers their questions and addresses any unique conditions or issues in their case”.

Attorney Ruskan will do a full interview by telephone during early morning or evening hours. The client does not have to miss work and does not have to leave home for the interview. After papers have been prepared and emailed to the client, a follow up is done by telephone to make sure that the papers are correct and to answer any questions. Attorney Ruskan is available by phone and email should any question or problem later arise.

Attorney Ruskan will make sure that divorce or dissolution of marriage papers are properly written and that all required forms are done. He will guide the client through the process and answer their questions and concerns. There is peace of mind in knowing that an experienced lawyer has prepared the papers. Find here more about no fault divorce in Ohio and the assistance Attorney Ruskan provides.

About the Attorney: Ronald Ruskan
Ronald Ruskan is an Ohio attorney with more than 30 years of experience. He specializes in preparing divorce and dissolution of marriage papers for clients who will file the papers themselves. He can also prepare documents regarding shared parenting rights.

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