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Attorney Ruskan Assisting Clients in Preparing Shared Parenting Plan in Ohio

Shared parenting can minimize the effects of divorce. Attorney Ruskan assists clients prepare the documents of a shared parenting plan in Ohio.


Galloway, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2014 -- A divorce can be a difficult process to go through especially is there are minor children. Many couples who are divorcing want to minimize the effects of divorce upon their children and agree on a shared parenting plan for their children. Shared parenting is where both parents cooperate and mutually make decisions regarding their children.

“In a Shared Parenting Plan in Ohio, both parents are fully involved in the decisions regarding their children. Neither parent needs to feel that divorce is somehow shutting them out of or limiting their involvement in their children’s lives,” states Ronald Ruskan an Ohio attorney who helps clients prepare divorce or dissolution papers that they will file themselves.

“A shared parenting plan should include all the language which is required by courts in Ohio. It should address all the major issues regarding the children, including parenting time, child support, tax exemptions, and medical decisions and medical insurance,” says Attorney Ruskan.

“Child support can remain the same in a shared parenting plan as in custody to one parent or child support can be reduced or it can be set at zero. The setting of child support at zero is especially done when the parents have comparable incomes and are equally sharing the parenting time with and expenses of the children,” he says.

“There are many provisions which can be included in a Shared Parenting Plan in Ohio, and the plan can be tailored to the unique circumstances and wishes of the parents. Parenting time schedules can be roughly outlined for the court but there is language that they can vary according to the work schedules of the parents and the schedules of the children. The main thing is that parents should do what they feel is best for their children,” Attorney Ruskan concludes.

There are many requirements which must be met and there is a great deal of language which must be in divorce or dissolution of marriage papers when there are children. Attorney Ruskan will make sure that papers are properly written and all required forms are done. He will guide the client through the process and answer their questions and concerns. Know more here how Attorney Ruskan helps prepare a shared parenting plan.

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Ronald Ruskan is an Ohio attorney with more than 30 years of experience. He specializes in preparing divorce and dissolution of marriage papers for clients who will file the papers themselves. He sends the prepared divorce papers online in Ohio.

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