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Imagine only being able to see a child once a month? This is what some parents currently deal with. Some aren't even offered that privilege. Divorce has put a dagger into the hearts of many parents because their adult relationship with their spouse deteriorated.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/15/2013 -- Obtaining and retaining child custody when entering a divorce is often the most emotionally charged contesting point between divorcees. Perhaps the greatest treasure, and certainly the greatest responsibility the court has to decide on is the fate of the children a married couple has had together.

Hiring the Right Attorney makes a Difference

History has often sided with the mother when granting custody of children. Whatever the reasons were in the past, a court generally believed the woman sacrificed the most having the children, and therefore the children would lose the most living without their mother. Men still to this day are at a disadvantage when a court decides who will be granted primary custody. Even so, the landscape of divorce and child custody is slowly changing with more and more men granted custody. Hiring the right attorney for child custody is the first step towards preparing for the battle that lies ahead. Whether the divorce proceeds in and amicable manner, or everything possible is contested, attorneys familiar with child custody will know the individuals rights and how to represent them in a court of law.

- They will ensure that all income is accounted for. Each state has different guidelines, but they will account for all sources of income from salaries to even gambling winnings. A good lawyer will make sure both parents incomes are accounted for.
- They will also account for all net income. They will make sure the money deducted from their client’s income is correct and that their spouse is not claiming deductions they have no entitlement too.
- If their client wins child support and custody then their lawyer will use the court and the law to empower them to collect on this support. The lawyer can handle all further negotiations.

Granting Custody

Over the past few years more and more women have entered the workforce and acquired demanding careers which don't allow them as much time to be moms. Both mom and dad’s lifestyles and careers will be accounted for in great detail. Whoever is determined to offer the most structured and safe environment for a child will be chosen for custody. The best approach is to be thorough and organized, as well as respectful of the courts decisions. A lawyer can handle all of the litigation.

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