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Attraction Institute Releases Second Book, Exploring How to Attract Women Without Lying


Marrickville, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2012 -- Attraction Institute founded by the authors of best-selling dating book ‘Seduction community Sucks’ have released their second book in the series – End Game. The book identifies lying and manipulation, as prescribed by pickup books,as the primary reason for failure of relationships.

The Attraction Institute, led by Mr.Leigh Louey-Gung, is known in dating circles for following moral and natural ways to attract women. Mr. Louey-Gung tells us “The book exposes the serious flaws in the present dating advice culture. Standard dating advice perpetuates lying and manipulation, which might have worked in the past, but with time, has been figured out by most people. Pickup artists who claim to provide ultimate guides to charming others have made merry with the aid of bandages and Hollywood style moves which clearly don’t work in real life. Attraction Institute on the other hand realizes the moral responsibility that comes along with being a dating coach. We are trying to develop educational programs on the ethos of self-improvement, in the process giving more meaning to dating and relationships.”

The book Endgame is self-published by the Attraction Institute and is available as e-book or soft-cover for $ 47 and $ 52 respectively. To compliment this launch, the Attraction Institute have also included a special launch bonuses valued at over $500. “We wanted to make this special. There is so much inadequate dating advice on the internet, we wanted to make sure guys had everything they needed to get a real, long-term solution to their dating problems rather than just a quick Band-Aid. The bonus DVD, podcast, and eCourse are all there to make sure that happens. ”

Along with the book, the institute also released exclusive content in members’ area. In the members area Site members can consult experts, help each other and read regularly updated content and dating case studies on the basis of material published in Endgame. The founders also announced a series of exercises to implement the learning from the material. “We first encourage the users to participate and assimilate our studies and guides through e-books, podcasts and videos. Following that, the exercises let them test themselves in a fun environment” informs Mr Louey-Gung.

When asked about present focus and future efforts the founder tells us “We are looking to make our site more interactive and up to date with authentic material from multiple sources.”

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Attraction Institute is an online dating-education institute with expertise in human behavior and relationships. The institute’s site features scientific guides to better relationships and has been credited as prominent resource in the segment by many institutes and journals. The institute is known to publish regular research on dating and the research faculty is known for books like Endgame and Seduction Community Sucks.

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