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St George, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2012 -- Experience Southern Utah's scenic back country up close and personal on an ATV. Explore this unique landscape within site of the majestic formations of Zion National Park and close to St. George Utah. ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours in not your typical "pony-ride" tours like one may find in other parts of the state, they are an Adventure Tour Company! They have been in the guiding outfitter business in southwest Utah since 1996. Will not find any other ATV guiding company that knows the area like they do. ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours experienced Guides are ASI Certified and are extremely knowledgeable in local History as well as geography. ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours ATVs are the easiest and safest to operate, even riders with no prior experience can operate.* Their machines have automatic transmissions so you don’t have to worry about shifting, just enjoy the ride.

With ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours there are NO WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS and they offer Private Family Tours

RESERVATIONS LINE: 1-888-656-2887

If you are an experienced rider and crave extreme off-roading, call. ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours can put together a customized tour that is sure to leave riders breathless and wanting more. The rides are clean rides. Due to the unique red dirt sandy terrain, clients are almost as clean at the end of the ride as they were at the start! The ATV Tours range from 2 hours to 6 hour rides. The Pinzgauer Jeep Tours are 2 or 3 hours.

Hurricane Sands - This is ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours premier tour that starts within sight of Zion National Park. They gradually climb to the top of this beautiful red plateau, eventually gaining 2,500 feet in elevation. During this tour which is available in 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 hour packages, the changing elevations gives them a unique opportunity to view differing high desert vegetation that thrives within specific altitude bands. They are also rewarded with views that stretch for 60 miles in any direction. As they ride the upper rim of the plateau, they enjoy breathtaking overlooks of St. George, the Zion National Park basin, Pine Valley Mountain and Warner Valley below. ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours ride on bright orange colored sand as they make their way in and around fiery red sandstone formations that resemble Indian Chiefs, animals and otherworldly inhabitants. Unleash imagination and get the cameras ready to capture "the Giant Prehistoric Petrified Snapping Turtle", "Alien Nursery" and other visual wonders. This is the closest one will ever come to ATV’ing on the planet Mars.

On the 4, 5 and 6 hour tours ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours take time to train and ride on the awesome sand dunes at the very top of the plateau. The "Sand Ballet" that they do in the dunes is just too much fun! The five hour tours come with a delicious picnic lunch served amongst the red rocks where they relax and enjoy the 60 mile views. This is a memory making tour that causes their clients to say "it was the highlight of our vacation".

~Safari Jeep Tou
Tour #1: Destination: Red Plateau
Climb 1500 feet to breath taking views overlooking St. George, Pine Valley Mtn, the Zion plateaus, and the Arizona Strip. Indian Village is the destination where unique rock formations become cougars, Indian chiefs, aliens, and various exotic animals as eyes and imagination roam the scenic red sandstone landscape.
- 2 hour tour.

Tour #2: Destination: Red Plateau, Jurassic Park, Sand Mountain
This tour goes into a desolate desert area of Hurricane Sands. As ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours make their way up the west trail, the panoramic views are breathtaking. ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours head to the 5000 foot level a top Sand Mountain as they travel around the south rim of the Red Plateau. ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours drive in and around gorgeous red rock monuments highlighted by orange sand and intense blue sky's. Watch for hawks, eagles, and other raptors as they search for prey on the desert floor.
- 3 hour tour.

~Rhino ATV
A new addition to the fleet of ATVs is the Yamaha Rhino. It is the ATV that is sweeping off-road America because of its family friendly versatility. The 4-wheel drive side by side ATV seats 2 adults and 2 small children and all riders will be securely belted into their seats prior to the tour. Riders are issued helmets, eye protection and gloves for safety and comfort. The Yamaha Rhino is easy to operate with a fully automatic transmission. Once the Rhino is placed in gear, the driver presses the gas pedal and then off to an unforgettable memory-making experience.

The professional, friendly guide will provide a thorough operational orientation on the Rhino at the staging area and then lead you through some of the most incredible back-country that southern Utah has to offer, with views that extend for 60 miles in all directions. Never driven an ATV before? 95% of their clients haven’t either, so they are ready and able to take them from “ground zero” to a level of skill that will give them confidence on subsequent rides.

If the family has more than two children, they have other riding configurations that will accommodate the whole family on a tour. Call toll-free 1-888-656-2887 or 435-656-2887 for details. They will offer a price-sensitive rate of 95.00 per adult, 50.00 per child, for the 2 hour back country tour in the Rhino, to make an unforgettable high point in a family vacation to Utah!

~Area Attractions
Zion National Park is a myriad of deep sandstone canyons, which extend over 30 miles from end to end and covers 229 square miles. The Zion Canyons were named by early Mormon settlers (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and many of the formations in the park have names from the bible. The park was established in 1909 as Mukuntuweap National Monument and expanded in 1919 to Zion National Park. The park is composed mostly of sandstone stained by the oxidizing of iron in the rock. Zion National Park with its many canyons contains 75 species of mammals, 271 birds, 32 reptiles and amphibians and 8 fish in the streams and rivers, which have carved these canyons.

Protected within Zion National Park is a spectacular cliff-and-canyon landscape and wilderness full of the unexpected including Kolob Arch - the world's largest arch - with a span that measures 310 feet. Zion National Park is full of beautiful colors, scenery and wildlife. Wildlife such as mule deer, golden eagles, and mountain lions, also inhabit the Park. The sandstone which makes up most of the rock in Zion National Park was formed by the compacting of sand about 150 million years ago. This occurred when cementing properties of compounds such as calcium carbonate compacted the sand, which covered the huge desert of the west.

Zion National Park Entrance Fee Rates:
$12.00 Single Person Entry into Zion National Park by foot or bicycle, or motorcycle for 7 days.
$25.00 Single Vehicle Entry Valid at Zion National Park for 7 days.
$50.00 Zion National Park Pass Valid at Zion National Park for 1 year from month of purchase.
$10.00 Interagency Senior Pass, good for life, available to U.S. residents 62 years old and over, for all Entrance fees for Federal recreation sites.

Springdale Utah lies at the southwest entrance to Zion National Park and is the closest gateway city in the vicinity of the park. This Springdale city directory provides information about the community and the available services, along with information about Zion National Park itself. Zion draws nearly three million visitors each year and Springdale provides much of the lodging, dining and other travel services for the park.

Weather - St. George and Southern Utah offer excellent year round temperatures because of its high desert elevation and southern location.

That great weather enables us to offer YEAR ROUND ACTIVITIES for their clients.

Custom Outfitting -ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours has spared no expense to obtain the best equipment to best serve their client’s needs.

From Top-of-the-line 4-wheel drive ATV's by Bombardier, to a top notch guiding service, ATV & Jeep Adventure Tours thought of everything.

Experience - Jim (owner & guide) has been leading adventure tours since 1996 in Alaska and southern Utah.

He is knowledgeable in every area necessary to provide a safe, fun adventure - the absolute best time of your life.

Comfort - If the weather is too warm or too cool - Jim knows the best adjustments to make with respect to tour starting times and the elevations at which to ride which will provide the most enjoyable riding conditions possible.