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Auction Arbitrage, LLC Has Announced the Purchase of SmartBidder Sniper Auction Tool


Dacula, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- Auction Arbitrage, LLC has announced to the public the purchase of SmartBidder ( software that offers free unlimited automatic snipe bids, giving users the capability of filtering, refining, and searching eBay quickly and accurately.

Don Hoppe Jr., media contact, was asked recently about the eBay Sniper software. "One of the most frustrating aspects to online auctions such as eBay is searching through the multitude of listings and trying to bid on items before the auction ends. The Auction Sniper is completely customizable to what the user wants, so it eliminates the need of manual searches through hundreds of pages. Sniping on the bid takes place just a couple of seconds before the end of the auction, which almost assures the person will win as long as he or she has listed a high enough maximum bid for the system to use. The best part is we are offering unlimited snipes absolutely free".

Asked about what a user could expect using the Free eBay Sniper software, Mr. Hoppe said, "Once the user has registered for an account on the SmartBidder site, searching eBay is done through SmartBidder, in fact, everything is done within the SmartBidder program. The search has all the eBay categories through a quick drop down box, and the search can be saved to look at later. Any saved searches can be further filtered using specific words and then saved. On the search page there is an image zoom of every listing, that shows a larger image and an item description - this eliminates the need to open the page or go to eBay so that everything remains in SmartBidder."

"When searching for items through SmartBidder, items can be added to a watchlist, which are items a user may be interested in bidding on. Items in the watchlist can be sniped simply by placing a maximum amount the user is willing to pay and the system bids automatically up to the maximum amount. One of the things we have been hearing is how easy and complete SmartBidder is compared to other products, which of course is what we like to hear"!, said Mr. Hoppe.

When Mr. Hoppe was asked about the future of SmartBidder, he responded with a smile, "I was fortunate enough to have been involved in consulting on the functionality and features SmartBidder should have from its inception until is was completed. We wanted an auction management system that was complete and offered users the ability to have access to everything they needed from one page. We wanted to make it a simple program that was 'smart' enough to quickly filter, offer one-click snipe of auctions, show the total price including the shipping of an item, and give users a sniping report that would list pending, won and lost snipes. We've achieved all of this and we know people will find it one of the most useful eBay tools to date. Our future is nothing but bright!"

About Auction Arbitrage, LLC
Auction Arbitrage, LLC was founded in 2005 and has been able to help thousands of people by educating them with a course on eBay Arbitrage. The course teaches people how to find expensive items on eBay for next to nothing due to poorly orchestrated auctions by sellers. As the development of SmartBidder drew to completion, Auction Arbitrage, LLC purchased the program in 2012.