Audio Drops - A Bold New Direction in Audio Entertainment


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2013 -- Announcing, a bold new direction in audio entertainment! From the sexy space adventures of a classic comic book character to the mean streets of prohibition Chicago, your ears will never be the same!

AudioDrops™ are short-form dramatic audio presentations with full casts, immersive sound effects, original scores and engaging stories. Series include westerns, science fiction, superhero action, drama and comedy- full tales presented in about a quarter hour.

The reviews are in and they are excellent! “They will hook you with the story from the start,” said Frugal Life. “Sick of your playlist and audiobooks? This is for you. 5 out of 5 stars,“ reviewed on Red Colt: The Kid. “Top notch voice acting.”

Available exclusively from, AudioDrops™ are only 89 cents and download right to your computer or handheld devices. AudioDrops™- which range in length from 10 to 15 minutes on average- are perfect entertainment for that commute on the bus or subway, for that time at the gym or for just kicking back and losing yourself in an audio world. ??

Current AudioDrops™ include Moonie the Starbabe, based on the classic underground comic book character created by award winning artist & writer Nicola Cuti. The three episode mini series recreates the adventures from Mu Press's comic book adventure Moonie vs. the Spider Queen and features the voices of Michael Cornacchia (Happy Feet, Legion of Super Heroes) and Tom Nagel (Pirates of Treasure Island, Man of Steel). Also available are Red Colt: Bounty Hunter (Western), City Hall (Mature Drama), and Fantastic Worlds (Science Fiction) as well as many other titles only at

About Audiodrops™
Audiodrops™ are shorter audio productions- usually between 10 and 15 minutes- with full casts, immersive special effects, original music and engaging stories. Each episode is a full story in itself, as well as a piece in the larger mosaic of the AudioDrop™ universe where our characters live. With each tale, listeners learn more abut the rich tapestry filled with heroes such as Red Colt, Phineas Hawke, Samantha Bloodmoon and so many more.