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Audiophile Vibration Control Introduces Their Latest Products for Music Lovers

Natural materials make these vibration isolation blocks effective


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2015 -- All those who are looking for customized isolation blocks can consider The entity is owned by Mike Kelly, who is well versed with the nuances of furniture making and is a self professed audiophile. The units can be designed to match specific decors and are ideal for home music systems as well as professional purposes. Apart from improving the quality of the music, these blocks also provide protection to the floor and turntables, making them ideal for top end music systems.

Having a high end system without any vibration isolation may not provide the same listening, there is a lot of information on the subject. Be it players of any make, these people claim to provide the best isolation solutions to their customers.

The website says, "Protecting music equipment against vibrations is very important for an enjoyable listening experience. Apart from this, vibration isolation systems also protect the racks and floors. Whatever be the size and color of your music system, we ensure that our products match them in every way. There are various options when it comes to the materials such as glass, wood and stone. Details of the products can be had from our gallery on the website."

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The website claims that their prices are competitive and their services are professional. With an in depth understanding of furniture and isolation equipment, the team at Audiophile Vibration Control creates ideal designs. The use of quality plywood, hardwood and bamboo ensures that these are reliable and efficient.

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