Auquix, LLC Announces a Complete Line of High Quality Wastewater Treatment Equipment - Vancouver


Vancouver, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2013 -- Manufacturing high quality wastewater equipment and providing a full range of supporting services for their customers, Auquix, LLC is one of the most respected names in the business.

Auquix is proud to offer a complete line of high quality industrial wastewater treatment equipment that is right for your business. Whether it is installing equipment into a new facility or upgrading the equipment already present with a new system, Auquix provides the latest, most advanced equipment to handle your process and wastewater needs.

Auquix offers several different types of equipment for wastewater management that separates liquids and solids while providing the utmost in efficiency and quality.

You can find complete information about their Dissolved Air Flotation systems that have been widely recognized as one of the leaders in the industry in terms of performance, reliability and safety. DAF systems are an important part of the Auquix equipment line. We encourage you to read about their different wastewater management systems, DAF Pilot and other features that they offer to businesses across the US, Canada and Mexico

In addition to providing equipment, Auquix provides a number of services that are designed to identify problematic issues with your process and wastewater, train your personnel and make informed recommendations for improving your water management services.

Auquix offers a complete range of both on and off-site testing services of both Industrial process related water and Industrial wastewater. The tests performed will reveal the characteristics of the water in question that are produced by a single operation. In this manner, the testing will show what steps can be taken for controlling the negative aspects that are contained in the water itself. Auquix uses certified independent labs when required and offers complete services in this field.

Providing modern, up to date training methods for management and operating personnel that use the best techniques for WWT system operations. This type of training focuses on the maintenance, chemistry, safety and getting repeatable results time and time again. The training provided by Auquix will help save your company money in the long run as your personnel will know what to do so they can make the best informed decisions.

They also provide annual and quarterly auditing services to evaluate both process and wastewater systems for your business. Auquix conducts on-site reviews on your entire operation including equipment survey’s, interviews, procedures, sampling methods, checking the chemistry and safety procedures. Once the report is completed, you get a full accounting of any deficiencies and a list of recommendations.

Located in beautiful Vancouver, Washington, Auquix is located at 4107 NW Fruit Valley Road. You can find them on the internet at, call them at 360-624-1343 or email at

About Auquix
Auquix represents manufacturers of process and wastewater equipment while providing supporting services for our customers. Many products are offered throughout the US, Canada and Mexico. Auquix supports customer applications for new Greenfield projects, as well as upgrading of existing systems. Auquix provides testing and consulting services for process and wastewater throughout North America. Auquix has also developed a quality control program with the objective of delivering the best possible product satisfaction to our customers.

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Auquix, LLC
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