Aura Rebrands to 'Air365' as Company Seeks Seed Funding for Further Development


Oxford, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2021 -- 21The Smart Indoor Environmental IoT (Internet of Things) device Aura, which monitors indoor air quality, has now been rebranded to Air365.

Created by Sensyqo, this new brand name better reflects the company's innovative business model. Air365 is an IoT Smart Home product built for consumers and designed to promote home wellness and human wellbeing. Air pollution is one of the largest environmental hazards worldwide. According to the WHO (World Health Organisation), air pollution results in over two million deaths each year. Air pollution has also been linked to health conditions such as respiratory disease, asthma and pneumonia, and even heart attacks and cancer.

Indoor air quality can be much worse than the air quality outdoors. Indoor pollutants come not only from outside, but from home products such as furniture, wall paint, flooring, candles, air fresheners, cleaning products and cooking appliances. Air365 measures and monitors indoor pollutants in real time and tracks exposure over time.

Sensyqo will offer IoT subscription to the UK consumer market, with no minimum term contracts. This means customers can stay with Air365 for as short or long a time as they want.

People vulnerable to air pollution, patients with asthma or allergies, as well as small children and the elderly, will all benefit the most from using Air365 in their homes. The team have recently been joined by Professor Paul Harrison, who will be acting as Scientific Advisor. With extensive experience and expertise in toxicology and the health effects of air pollutants, Professor Harrison will advise on data interpretation and customer guidelines.

"Most people are aware of the outdoor pollution problem, but many don't realise that indoor pollution can be even more dangerous," says Diana Lugova, co-founder and CEO of Sensyqo Ltd and co-creator of Air365. "People are spending more than 90% of their time indoors, and Covid only makes the matter worse. We developed Air365 with a simple idea in mind – giving people more control over their domestic environment."

Air365 uses the latest technology to create the best home product for monitoring indoor air quality. New generation sensors are used to measure temperature, humidity, dust and volatile organic compounds. All sensors are micro size and have ultra-low power consumption. The collected data is transferred to Microsoft Azure Cloud and Analytics and Machine Learning services are used to establish patterns and provide guidance and advice.

Sensyqo is now on the lookout for seed funding, and the team welcome enquiries.

About Air365
Air365 (former Aura) was developed by dedicated team of electronic engineers, software architects and product development specialists from the UK and Sweden. Sensyqo team is working to resolve environmental problems using modern technologies such as IoT, ML/AI and to help people improve their health by improving their living environment. For more information, please visit

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