Aura Wellness Center Releases Its Distance Learning 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course


Attleboro, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2013 -- The Aura Wellness Center has released the distant training course for yoga teachers. Aura Wellness Center provides both onsite and online training for yoga and also offers safety guidelines for students. The online learning program comprises of 300 hours of learning duration. People who are looking to become professional yoga teachers with specializing in the Hatha yoga, they can get yoga teacher training at home with Aura Wellness Center. All the necessary education that is required to become a professional trainer at yoga and the necessary material is provided.

The 300 hours consist of 125 hours dedicated for yoga technique learning and 30 hours for methodology. 30 hours are reserved for yogic philosophy and 50 hours are reserved for kinesiology and anatomy. 30 hour practicum and 10 hours of Sanskrit are also reserved. 20 hours are reserved for elective learning. Those who come to get yoga instructor training would learn the best yoga practices involved and would find out how yoga specialists are able to turn and curve their bodies to the threshold of human capabilities.

Yoga is more than just a physical exertion of body. It has equal as much link with the mind of a person. Relaxation is amongst the biggest objectives of yoga that is why they are mandatory to learn. The relaxation techniques include yamas and niyama. Chakras, bandhas and mudras are other relaxation techniques that are taught at the Aura Wellness Center. After taking the course, the objective is to make the students able enough to not only become yoga teachers but also businessmen for yoga. Those who look forward in getting yoga certification and utilizing their yoga skills to raise cash can first learn about the yoga techniques and the relaxation methods. Afterwards they can learn how to set up a business for themselves and how to market their brands.

This distant learning program provides some additional benefits of not having to go out of the house. A living room serves to be a pretty good place to set up a class room. The material that will be provided by Aura Wellness Center includes yoga related books and e books along with the CDs and DVDs including recorded lectures. Benefits carried along with the Aura Wellness Center home based learning also include the exclusion of registration fees and enrolment dates. This makes it a pretty hustle free course that teaches the know-how of the profession and the tips for making a business successful. Yoga learning can be a great use for career and fun at the same time. Aura Wellness Center gives a perfect distant learning platform and yoga teacher certification.

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Aura Wellness Center is a world leader in creating onsite and online Yoga teacher training courses, safety guidelines for students, and the continuing education of Yoga instructors with Yoga certification.

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