ApplenMicro Explains Why Low-Budget Indie Movies Are the Future of Cinema

How a 20 year old from Switzerland is making a robot film à la Michael Bay with no money


Zurich, Switzerland -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- With crowd-funding success stories like “The Veronica Mars Movie Project” which raised over $5.7 million in 30 days on Kickstarter, the future of low-budget indie movies is about to change.

Part of this change is Robert Kouba, director of The Rift ( ) – a sci-fi thriller with over 15 million downloads on the web and a massive hit on Japanese TV. He’s now developing a new feature film entitled Aurora – a twisted robot love story about a man who wakes up in a dystopic future run by machines – and plans to have the film entirely funded by Kickstarter.

After making a fan-made Transformers trailer ( in late 2011, Robert Kouba proved that visually stunning pictures do not necessarily need a million dollar budget. In recent interviews ( he said, “For the fanmade Transformers trailer we had a budget of $200.” So how is it possible to show giant robots fighting against each other for $200?

The answer lies in the new generation of filmmaking. With technology advancing exponentially, young filmmakers are able to create movie magic with cutting edge production software on a shoestring budget. While the costs of making films have reduced drastically over the last years, it still requires talent to create a motion picture that can compete with the major players. Talent that Robert Kouba has developed over his promising film career.

With highly successful crowd funding platforms like Kickstarter, the future of independent films is changing before our eyes. Robert Kouba’s new film Aurora ( ) is starting its Kickstarter campaign on Friday the 26th April with an initial fundraising goal of $50,000. While Kouba has already secured private investors to cover the heavy post-production process, a successful Kickstarter project will bring the total Contact: Robert Kouba budget to nearly $100,000. Looking back at his impressive Transformers commercial with initial costs of just $200, Robert Kouba and his team are excited to show what the new generation of filmmaking can do by bringing a visually stunning and action packed full-length film to the big screen.

Aurora is a twisted robot love story about a young man who wakes up 60 years after a car accident only to find himself lost in a dystopic world run by machines.

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