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Aushealth Physiotherapy - A Top Choice for Pilates


Brookvale, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- Aushealth Physiotherapy is a premiere destination for Pilates Brookvale and Freshwater , providing individuals with services for rehabilitation, injury prevention and continuing mobility. A fully equipped, modern Pilates studio offers multiple methods to address an extensive array of client needs.

Clinical Pilates is a specialized form of therapeutic exercise that shouldn’t be confused with Pilates sessions offered at senior facilities, spas and fitness centers. Clinical Pilates exercises are therapeutic movements performed under the supervision of a highly trained physiotherapist and designed to treat specific injuries and chronic diseases.

The controlled movements of clinical Pilates can be utilized in multiple ways. Pilates routines are uniquely designed to provide strength and stability to the core. The exercises are especially beneficial for the elderly to prevent injuries and for people with injuries that requires a level of immobility for extended periods. It’s effective for current injuries and past problems that have lingering effects.

Clinical Pilates teach balance and stability, making them ideal for recreational and professional athletes. The therapeutic movements are being incorporated into the training routines of world-class athletes around the world to enhance performance, help prevent injuries on the field and accelerate recoveries.

Individualized treatment plans can utilize clinical Pilates as a stand-alone therapy or in combination with other methods. It’s effective for treating patients with chronic and degenerative diseases that affect muscles, joints and nerves to maintain mobility, flexibility and range of motion.

About Therapeutic Pilates
Therapeutic Pilates eases pain and helps place the body in proper alignment for improved coordination and movement efficiency. Clients become more aware of their bodies and their position in space and time, providing them with the means to help prevent common accidents and injuries. The exercises can be used to treat dysfunction in virtually any part of the body.

Each Pilates program is tailored to accommodate the specific needs of the individual and adapted to the changing requirements of the patient. It alleviates pain, helps clients maintain mobility and plays an important role in rehabilitation. The clinical Pilates of physiotherapy combines the integration of mind, body and spirit for an enhanced quality of life.

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