Joe Bragg Helps UK Residents Applying for a 457 Visa with Australian Health Plans


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2013 -- Moving to a new country can be a jarring process. People have to uproot their entire lives, make new friends, and find appropriate housing – all while navigating their way through a foreign country. Health care is one of the most important parts of moving to a new country, but unfortunately, it’s a part that many people overlook until the last minute.

That’s a problem that seeks to solve. contains detailed information about Australian health insurance. The website is specifically designed to assist UK residents moving to Australia for work. Part of the 457 Australian visa process involves proving that adequate health care insurance has been purchased prior to entering the country.

Those without adequate health care coverage will not be permitted to enter Australia – even if all other elements of their 457 visa are in order. A spokesperson for explains how the website seeks to solve this problem:

“We have offered Australian health plans for over 30 years. Our plans range in levels from budget plans to plans with complete coverage. Our best value plan starts at £1.79 per day. We offer a wide range of health covers to meet the needs of our clients, including coverage for singles, couples, and families. Our plans are specifically designed to protect those holding a 457 visa, although UK residents with any type of visa can also apply.” is the online home of IMAN, an Australia-based health insurance company that has been in operation since 1981. The website includes a number UK residents can call to talk to an Australian health care specialist.

Health insurance is mandatory for 457 visa holders, but not all health insurance companies are qualified to provide coverage. Before purchasing coverage, it’s recommended that visa holders look for official DIAC certification:

“The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) certifies all Australian health insurance companies and lets them provide official 457 visa health insurance coverage to visa holders. Whether seeking coverage for a working holiday visa or a 457 visa, UK residents should always look for this certification prior to applying for any health care coverage.”

The website features detailed information about the pricing and coverage levels of the different health care plans. currently offers five different levels of coverage:

-Budget: $79.99 per month
-Basic: $106.99 per month
-Mid: $205.01 per month
-Top: $264.98 per month
-Executive Top: $350 per month

All plans include coverage for ambulances, inpatient care, funeral benefits, and repatriation. The mid, top, and executive top plans also include a number of extra benefits.

Along with offering specific information about Australian health care plans for UK residents, explains the detailed visa requirements for UK residents traveling to Australia. The website features a description of the Australia health system as well as all 457 visa requirements.

About is the online home of Iman, an Australia-based health insurance agency. The website offers coverage for UK residents who plan on living temporarily or permanently in Australia for work, specifically those holding a 457 visa. For more information, please visit: