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Austin Among the Best U.S. Cities to Retire


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- Austin is thriving economically, and the city's real estate has steadily increased in value since the U.S. housing crisis of 2008. The area offers a lot to residents and was recently voted one of the top places to retire in America.

According to CNNMoney, well-maintained homes in Austin start around $125,000, and there is no state income tax in Texas. Attractions within the city abound, and the downtown area offers a vibrant nightlife complete with live music and fine-dining. The cost of living and friendliness of the community make the area a comfortable place to retire and enjoy life.

There are all different types of residential properties to choose from in Austin. Condominiums, single-story homes and townhomes are among the possible layouts. There are homes available to match a wide spectrum of tastes and budgetary constraints. Finding the right property is a process that takes insight and the talents of skilled real estate professionals.

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