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Austin Cleanup and Container Announces Improved Online Scheduling System

Revamped tool makes it even easier for customers to use its leading services


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2014 -- Property improvement specialist Austin Cleanup and Container announced the availability of on improved online scheduling system for its services. Making use of the technology of provider Full Slate, the system allows customers to book a number of valuable services, including waste container drop-off and junk hauling in Austin, entirely online. Other customers will be able to use the system to help schedule more intensive services, such as full property clean-ups, after speaking with company representatives. The improved scheduling system is a product of the company's drive to make its industry-leading services ever easier to access.

"Austin's incredible growth has led to some amazing opportunities for businesses like ours," company representative Scott Lindgren said, "and we're happy to be able to make it even simpler for our customers to get in touch with us and schedule projects." The fastest-growing large city in the country, Austin takes in an average of 110 new residents every day. Booming construction and repurposing of real estate in the metropolitan area has created a high level of demand for property cleanup. Austin Cleanup and Container was founded with a mission of removing all unneeded items from its customers' properties and doing any further work to ensure that they are left ready for use.

One of several businesses in the Evergreen Family of property improvement companies, Austin Cleanup and Container's full-service approach is a distinguishing feature. It is capable of doing all of the work needed to leave targeted properties in highly usable shape, a contrast to many other hauling and junk removal operations in the area which offer more limited services. For such intensive jobs, it provides final disposal for all removed items which cannot be reused or recycled. Those which can be put to further use, on the other hand, are delivered to local charities or recycling facilities, as appropriate.

"The businesses in the Evergreen Family are known for their superlative levels of service," Lindgren concluded, "and Austin Cleanup and Container is a major reason for that reputation." The company focuses on clearing lots and emptying homes and other buildings of unwanted items, but is available for a number of other needs, as well. Its single-item pickup services, which can be easily scheduled entirely through its revamped online system, are an economical and reliable solution for homeowners and others who need to get rid of mattresses, appliances, and similar items. It also offers competitive, dependable dumpster rental in Austin TX which can be used by those wish to do cleanup work themselves. Those who wish to make use of its services can easily arrange to do so at the company's web site or by phone.

About Austin Cleanup and Container
A leading provider of full-service property cleanup in the Austin area, Austin Cleanup and Container delivers dependable, cost-efficient services to homeowners, businesses, and contractors throughout the region. A key member of the Evergreen Family of property improvement services, its focus on end-to-end cleanup is of particular value in Austin's rapidly growing environs.