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Austin Food Truck Manufacturer Announces Unique Licensing Agreement


Killeen, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2017 -- Austin, Texas Austin food truck manufacturer announces unique licensing agreement. Instead of a franchise business opportunity (like most shaved ice food trucks offer) Itamar Enterprises offers a licensing agreement. Their new licensing agreement allows new truck owners more flexibility than other branded ice cream food trucks. - And lower long-term costs to operate.

In an announcement with press last Tuesday Itamar Tsubery owner of Itamar Enterprises said that the new licensing agreement that they offer with every ice cream food truck sale will allow the new business owner more control over how they operate their ice cream and shaved ice business. Without all of the red tape associated with an ice cream truck franchise business model the licensing agreement puts the business owner in greater control of their products, inventory and day-to-day business operations.

"I am so excited to announce my decision to offer a licensing agreement included with the purchase of our ice cream trucks. I considered a shaved ice truck franchise business model for a long time, but there are not many positive benefits of a franchise business compared to an established brand and licensing agreement". Mr. Tsubery said.

Itamar Enterprises build several variations of their 2017 model ice cream truck. With features like nacho machine, shaved ice, ice cream refrigeration, roof mounted solar panels, mouthwatering graphics, custom rims and sound system (and a unique licensing agreement) Itamar Tsubery estimates that the new licensing will appeal to people and investors who want better control of their ice cream truck food business and without many of the contractual restraints that franchises can have.

"I have been in the ice cream truck food business for more than 20 years. Over the years I have personally evolved this truck into what you see here. Besides the unique license agreement that we have put together our trucks also offer roof mounted solar panels to power the food equipment inside of the truck. This eliminates hazardous fumes, odors, reduce fuel costs and provides a quiet peaceful environment". Mr. Tsubery said.

Mr. Tsubery continued by saying that he hasn't seen another ice cream food truck or licensing agreement like his ice cream truck manufacturing business offers. Because of this he estimates exponential growth of his business over the next several quarters.

"Our 2017 model truck is a real eye catcher. It is not uncommon for these trucks to pull in $1000 a day when positioned in a street fair, carnival, military base, water park and other events. Many people who buy our ice cream trucks team up with entertainment and events companies to grow their businesses. With this new 2017 model it is really about how dedicated the new business owner is to networking and continuing to grow the ice cream truck business". Mr. Tsubery concluded.

Itamar Enterprises 2017 model shaved ice and ice cream trucks are now available. The company ships globally. Trucks can be customized to suit the precise needs of the buyer. For more information interested parties can visit their website.

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Itamar Enterprises build food trucks that come with multiple options not typically found on other food trucks in this class. This includes nacho machine, shaved ice, ice cream refrigeration, beverage sales, and sound system.

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