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Melbourne, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- Behind the Talent, a company that is dedicated in providing various articles, stories and latest news on lifestyle, action sports and celebrities, has quickly gained popularity in Australia for its exclusive content. Behind The Talent has also gained this recognition due to its famous TV personalities Kate Hansen and Sarah Lawther. Many Behind the Talent followers have complimented the entertainment content published on the company’s website and have appreciated the exclusivity of its celebrity news.

Behind the Talent offers a variety of entertainment news, most of which is first hand interviews conducted by its presenters – Kate Hansen and Sarah Lawther and occasionally by the executive producer of the company himself Yoram Pohl. The company informed that with increasing popularity in Australia they decided to bring familiar faces to their organization who were enthusiastic in reporting on latest trends amongst celebrities. Kate Hansen, a former MTV presenter and a DJ of Melbourne based duo Easy Tiger, and Sarah Lawther, the winner of Beauty and the Geek 2011 and part time model, have joined Behind the Talent since the beginning of 2013. Since this addition of the TV personalities company’s popularity has further increased making them one of the leading celebrity and entertainment news providers in Australia.

One of the key features of the company is its coverage on celebrity news. The company publishes latest happenings in celebrities’ lives with additional insights by its authors. The news is followed by pictures and various comments from the fans. The authors of Behind the Talent have also been complimented for providing exclusive material which is not readily available. The research and observations of the celebrity lifestyles by the authors has been considered a distinct trait of the company.

Despite its recent entrance to the industry Behind the Talent has already made a name for them, which is evident from the number of Facebook and Twitter followers they have established. The company informed that their recent success has opened up possibilities of expanding to overseas as well. What started out as a small TV show, Behind the Talent has now extended to a comprehensive destination for all entertainment news.

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Behind the Talent is one of the leading companies that is focused on lifestyle, action sports, entertainment and celebrity news. Through their online platform,, the company publishes various articles, stories and latest news in the entertainment industry. The company has quickly established itself in Australia and has a significant fan following.

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