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Australian Company Adopting POS System as an Aid to Its Broadening Market

Coops and Cages, a pet enclosure company in Australia, is now saying that with its new POS system, customers can now look forward to better service.


Carlton, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2014 -- Coops and Cages, a retail company that sells pet housing products, reportedly has been receiving massive orders from its website. Because of this, its CEO decided that an upgrade was needed to accommodate the needs of its growing number of customers, as well as provide support to its own employees. The new POS system has already been up for several days now. Although customers may not be able to tell the difference from their end, Coops and Cages CEO says that because of this, better service is what’s in store for them.

So why is a POS system considered a significant improvement for a retail company like Coops and Cages? POS systems are designed with employees, customers, and its owner in mind. For the owner, it could mean the ability to track down the stats concerning the business at their location. POS can be accessed online, which means that the owner could have all the necessary data coming from several branches. Moreover, stats offered by POS system will allow the owner to determine if there is a need to replenish stocks, if there are stocks that are not moving well, or if items are lost due to theft.

POS systems can collect data from individual customers such as the things that they bought. This is beneficial for employees since it makes it easier for them to address complaints if there are any. Their workload is also reduced because they no longer need to manually check inventory with each single day. Moreover, a POS system will make it easier for the company to issue marketing campaigns through email, letting customers know if there are deals currently being offered. And this system will also help managers determine if such campaigns were successful simply taking a look into their sales within the said promo period.

However, in order to use its POS system, customers will need to log into their accounts, which will ask them to leave their email address. Many are not so keen to such arrangement for fear that security could be compromised. Jordan Walker, Coops and Cages’ head of design department, says that indeed, this has already happened in other entities. “But we are different. You may have heard of other businesses divulging personal information of their customers to the general public. We certainly don’t want to compromise our relationship by engaging in such acts since it means either our success or our downfall. We like to be on the safe side and keep things straight with our customers.”

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