Australian Company Launches Kickstarter to Help Parents

The Ultimate Parenting Tool For Managing Kids to Success


Tennyson Point, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2014 -- Kids don't come with an instruction manual. Many parents wish they did. All parents have had great days with their kids but some days can be exasperating. What's a parent to do to achieve success with their child where both feel the benefits and reap the rewards of the relationship? Australian father Yuan Chong has developed an app that is like having an instruction manual that allows both parent and child to strive, thrive and achieve in all aspects of life called Star Zappy and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the app to the next level through the iOS and Android development process.

Star Zappy was developed in conjunction with early childhood development specialists on a system of desire, self-motivation, and reward. Star Zappy helps the parent by tapping directly into the child's interest and helping the parent reward the child for achievements with what they desire. Everyone is an active and happy participant.

About Star Zappy
The app works by allowing parents and kids both the opportunity to view rewards on their iOS device allowing them to see how many stars they have earned, the monetary value it totals and how close they are to achieving their goals such as a toy listed on their wish list. Kids can manage their own rewards on their device and send their parents requests daily for approval or disallowance. Most importantly, Star Zappy comes with security features that allow parents to set who can reward their children.

For the moment, the designer used his own money to finance this app, but the ability to continue his financial contribution is fast coming to an end so this Kickstarter campaign was started to get the team up and running and the marketing and distribution of the iOS platform and angel investors in the project have the opportunity to earn in app sponsorship pop ups.

For more information, visit STAR ZAPPY - Ultimate Parenting App

Yuan Chong