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Australian Couple Build a Business Worth $723,927.44

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Brisbane, QLD -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2014 -- This is the story of a Julie Mills and Julian Thornton, an Australian couple who went on to change their fortune with the help of Amazing Selling Machine.

Make no mistake; these two have been hugely successful professionals in their own right. Julie had worked as a consultant for entrepreneurial creative companies and was a business owner herself. She had partnered people in Fashion and Skincare business. Julian on the other hand had dabbled in sales and marketing, finance and real estate. He had tried to find a successful Internet Marketing strategy for years but without much to show at the end of it.

It was around Feb 2013, when he had only just begun dating Julie that he came to know about ASM. With the aim of trying out a new program, which could lead him on the road to success he asked Julie if she would like to enrol with him. To his surprise, she readily agreed and the two began on their journey, which has led to a financial fortune in a short span of time. But of course, it wasn’t a cakewalk for the two from the word go.

The couple were advised by ASM to start with easy products, which don’t need any special approvals from Amazon. However they decided to go with their own choices and that landed them in a soup. The products just wouldn’t take off and it was Julie who decided to switch to a product recommended by the company. While there was an initial setback of not having the inventory for it, in the long run it turned out to be a masterstroke.

Once has to remember that the two only heard about the course in Feb 2013, enrolled for it next month and managed to get their product up and running in about Jan 2014. Hence it’s commendable to note that within three months since then they had managed to get revenue of $280,000. Over time they have outsourced workload to stay efficient and have learned that one can’t set out to conquer it all. But with concerted efforts, one can definitely get financial freedom and build a successful business.

About Amazing Selling Machine
It is a program started by entrepreneurs and strives to ensure that its students are led to financial freedom. Sales and business activity generated by its students is estimated to be about $142 million and growing.

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