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Australian Couple Build a Fortune from Scratch

Amazing Selling Machine shows them the way


Brisbane, QLD -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2014 -- Australian couple, Julie Mills and Julian Thornton have managed to build a business worth $723,927.44 using to their advantage

It was in Feb 2013 when they had only begun dating that Julian heard about Amazing Selling Machine. He realized that it would offer him an opportunity to earn money online but he didn’t expect it to be a life changing experience that it turned out to be. Julie who has been an entrepreneur and consultant to businesses in the past was on board with the idea as well. That’s how the young couple enrolled for the program in the first place.

The two of them had years of solid experience in their respective fields. But obviously they were prepared for a new challenge that would bear results. With that thought in mind they started selling their own products in March 2013. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a bumpy ride initially because they didn’t take into account the suggestion from ASM to start with easy products in the beginning.

But it didn’t take long for a seasoned professional like Julie to realize her folly and she switched to the product that was recommended by Amazing Selling Machine. She went ahead and bought the inventory to start selling the product. This change of tactic worked in their favour eventually although there was the initial struggle of about seven months to get the product live. There were also issues related to inventory running out.

However the persevering couple did not lose focus and ironed out the chinks to ensure that the product took off. With a bit of patience and falling back on the learning from their course they managed to get themselves on a solid footing. Within a period of three months they were making about 30 to 40 sales every day. And their monthly revenue got up to $280,000 around May 2014.

The story is definitely an inspirational one for all those who want to become entrepreneurs and masters of their own destiny. Of course it takes consistent efforts on one’s part to get the results they hope for but the good news is that the Internet is filled with opportunities. With the right guidance and strategy, users can ensure that they are on their way to success.

About Amazing Selling Machine
It is a program started by entrepreneurs that aims to guide its students to financial freedom. Sales and business activity generated by its students so far is about $142 million.

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