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Australian Couple Making a Fortune Selling on Amazon


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- Amazing Selling Machine (ASM), is pleased to announce the company’s first case study video of Australian students Julie Mills and Julian Thorton, a couple of whom turned $0 in revenues to a $280.000/month business in under 18 months.

Originally, Julie was working as a full-time consultant for entrepreneurial creative companies, whereas Julian worked in sales and marketing. In February of 2013, Julian received an email about ASM. Shortly after, in March of 2013, both Julian and Julie began the course. After learning the course, both set out to sell their own products online and after only 7 months, the couple achieved serious success. For the month of May 2014, the couple happily reported an income of $280,000. Over the next 12 months, their projected annual income is above $3,400,000 and growing steadily. Of course, these aren’t typical results, they are results from 2 hard-working students who did not give up and kept moving forward.

View Julie & Julian’s Amazon Success Video and How They Did It

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