Australian Diamond Brokers Presents New Diamond Ring Design


New South Wales, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- Australian Diamond Brokers, Australia’s leading diamond jewellers specialising in GIA certified diamonds and engagement rings in Sydney, have today announced a new diamond ring called The Marquise as part of their 2013 ring collection.

The Marquise ring consists of a large one carat F colour marquise diamond set in a 18K white gold ring. The two shoulder diamonds are point one five carat pink diamonds with a 5P colour rating which creates a stunning contrast to the beautiful white marquise diamond centre stone.

Finally, to make the marquise diamond look even larger without blowing an average person’s budget, 60 point five carat diamonds are used to follow the shape of the marquise diamond. The result is a ring design that draws the eye to the marquise centre stone.

This Marquise engagement ring can be seen on the Australian Diamond Brokers’ website as well as on display in their store located at 70 Castlereagh Street, Sydney.

Varouj, a jewellery designer with over 30 years experience said he challenged himself to create a marquise diamond ring that looks bigger without a big price tag.

“The funny thing with this design is that when people see how many diamonds line the marquise diamond, they think it will cost more than just having a larger marquise stone when in fact, it costs less,” said Varouj.

This ring design can be catered to all budgets and include options such as choosing the ring metal type from gold, white gold and platinum. The pink shoulder diamonds can also be changed to yellow diamonds or any other colour as well.

Interested buyers can contact Australian Diamond Brokers for more information about The Marquise ring or any other diamond engagement ring.

For further information, please contact: Australian Diamond Brokers, 02 9232 2328,, or visit http://www.

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