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Brisbane, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2016 -- When it comes to fundraising, people need help from the best. Australian School and Club Fundraising Specialists are a family owned firm with one goal. They want to help fundraisers achieve their goals!

Since 1995, the business has helped others fundraise over $45 million. They have done so by offering a range of programs, many of which got developed in-house.

The Australian School and Club Fundraising Specialists difference

Schools, sporting clubs, and child care centres often need to raise crucial funding. They must do so to remain sustainable so they can continue to operate. It's important they have the right help to maximise their chances of a high yield.

Australian School and Club Fundraising Specialists are experts in their field. Their carefully curated programs are highly profitable, and the help doesn't just stop there! They also offer software to help tally up monies raised.

Australian Fundraising products

So just how can Australian Fundraising help people to realise their funding goals? There is a variety of proven and well-honed products on offer. Also, in most cases, no money has to get paid upfront for the products.

Examples of Australian Fundraising's products include:

- Billy G's Gourmet Cookie Dough

A popular home baking product that's simple to use. Made in the Sunshine Coast, the cookie dough only takes around 15 minutes to bake. There are plenty of flavours on offer, and it's possible to make $3.50 profit per tub!

- Crest Chocolates

Let's face it; almost everyone loves to each chocolate! One of the most profitable fundraising products is Crest Chocolates. From milk chocolate to macadamia crunch, there are many different options on offer.

Fundraisers love Crest Chocolates too because they are highly profitable products to sell. On average, one can make over $31 profit from a carry pack!

- Obstacle-a-thon Fundraiser

An easy fundraising idea for places like schools is the Obstacle-a-thon. Fundraisers receive all the materials they need at no extra cost. A profit of 70% is easily achievable with the Obstacle-a-thon.

Take a look at to learn more about the other fundraising products on offer.

Nationwide fundraising programmes

One of the big selling points about Australian Fundraising's products is their availability. It doesn't matter whether fundraisers are in Queensland, Western Australia or Tasmania. Their products are available across the whole of Australia!

In most cases, there is no money needed upfront to start fundraising with their products. That means it's quick and easy to get started.

About Australian School and Club Fundraising Specialists
Australian Fundraising has helped schools and child care centres across the country raise money. Since 1995, the family-owned firm has helped to generate more than $45 million!

They are both experts and specialists at helping fundraisers achieve their goals. With a range of proven products on offer, it's no wonder they are Australia's premier choice.

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Australian School and Club Fundraising Specialists
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