Australian Horse Racing Company PDF Group Pty LTD Due to Launch in Uk Market in August

The PDF Group Pty Ltd (, Australia’s premier horse racing company, is reaching further into the international horse racing market by expanding into the U.K. on August 25, 2014.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2014 -- As Australia’s horse racing authority and leading membership allocation company, the PDF Group generates substantial amounts of referrals for their membership packages from existing corporate clients, and repeat business. The membership packages provide clients with control over their finances to secure their future. Horse racing is not only fun to watch, it’s also advantageous in many ways to those involved. While spectators can get a kick out of the exciting entertainment, cheers, and participation, racers and racecourse owners benefit from winning prizes and money amounting in the six or even seven figures! Privileged access such as entry badges, see and be seen at high-end restaurants, trendy owners’ bars, and exclusive lounging areas are granted to racers. Sponsorships deals come knocking on doors when a racer and a racecourse owner win their race, multiplying their earnings and elevating their status in the industry.

With a high earning income such as this, the possibilities are endless for members, granting themselves and their families a world of opportunities never before imagines, affording them luxuries only their dreams have seen, and savouring it all thanks to the availability of time they’ve become privy to.

The PDF Group offers its clients a highly skilled experience in the thoroughbred, bookmaking and computing industries, allowing the company to excel in the field. These experts spend their days collating and developing massive amounts of information and refined data, perfected over the years, to amount to astonishing results and achieving tremendous success for their members.

Only recently the company’s tapped into the Hong Kong, Happy Valley and, Sha Tin markets. They are now gearing up for their August expansion into the U.K. market as their Australian leases come to close, to take the industry by a storm!

When M. Vogule of Tasmania was asked about the PDF Group, she responded with “I’m thrilled to be a member, I started small because I didn’t have much to invest, oh how things have changed, I love never having to say ‘I can’t afford it’ ever again. Blessed life!”

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About PDF Group Pty Ltd
PDF Group Pty Ltd specializes in Horse Racing and thoroughbred Membership packages, our integrity is our business, our panel of experts have extensive experience and expertise in the thoroughbred, bookmarking and computing industries who will do all the work for you. The firm has been in the industry for many years gained enough experience in the industry to provide customers with the satisfactory services they need.

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