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Australian Made Steel Compost Bins from Easy Composter

The Easy Composter tumbler bin product is build of pure galvanized steel material suitable to meet the tough Australian climatic conditions.


Coolum Beach, Queensland -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- Easy Composter is a popular company name offering Compost Bin Tumbler products to a large number of customers primarily based in Australia. The unique Compost Bin Tumbler product developed by the company essentially converts the biodegradable wastes into organic fertilizers leading to high soil nourishment together with amazing plant growth.

The company spokesman Rob Michaels says, “Easy Composter Bin Tumbler is specifically constructed from galvanized steel material which makes this product more durable”. The product will not suffer any damage or break down due to UV rays exposure and protects harmful chemical leakages into the soil. “The Easy Composter product is designed for suiting the harsh Australian climatic conditions and offer 100% quality guarantee for the product”, says the company spokes person.

The Easy Composter compost bin tumbler consists of a cylindrical barrel inside which all the biodegradable wastes can be put in to start a cycle rotation to mix all wastes evenly. It takes at least 14 normal days to process the compost wastes effectively. The specific compost bin tumbler has a total capacity to hold 200 litre wastes. A complete stainless steel body combined with a light weight design makes this product more convenient and easy to handle by customers. The diagonal mixing bar inside the compost bin tumbler product offered by the company helps in aerating the compost.

The product offers an easy composting option by providing a wheel barrow which makes it possible to empty the bin quickly within a minute. The product offers a fully aerobic and odorless waste decomposition mechanism. The Easy Composter products are available in three different color bond colors. Customers have the option to place an order online and the company assures a fast and secure product delivery across Australia. The starting range offered for this product by the company is $370.00. Customers can also enquire more details about this product by simply filling in the online enquiry form and entering details like name, phone number, email id along with the message and submit the same online. Customer service executives will respond to online enquiries within one day. To get more details about the unique steel compost bin tumbler product, visit the steel compost bin manufacturer website directly.

About Easy Composter
Based with its operations in Australia, Easy Composter is a company which brings out unique steel based Compost Bin Tumbler. The Easy Composter product helps in conversion of bio degradable wastes in to natural fertilizers. The company specifies that the product does not include any plastic parts and thus assures a 100% quality guarantee for the product.

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