Australian Opal Gems Worth Long-Term Investment


Mermaid Waters, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2014 -- Australian opals are one of the most beautiful gems on the market. They are unique, rare, and have risen in demand for decades. By definition an opal consists of hydrated silica with sparkling colors set off by either a pale or dark background. Opal mining and subsequent auctions continue to fascinate investors around the world. With the rise of ecommerce, buyers and sellers are able to come together online to create supply and answer demand. Some of the world’s largest real opal mines are found:

-Australia: The largest and most established opal mining market in the industry. Considered the “Opal capital of the world.”

-Ethiopia: Opal mining has led to prosperity for local farmers turned miners. A robust and quality opal marketFor pattern Welo Opal.

-Mexico: Promotes a heavily-mined opal market in central mountain ranges. Quality gems are hard to come by in recent years.

-Brazil:A minor player in the market. Brazilian opals are often called “Rainbows of the desert.”

-United States: Centered in north western states like New Mexico and Nevada, the US opal mining industry produces Opals.

Australian opals in particular can be a solid long-term investment. While precious gem markets are always changing, long-term price fluctuations of Australian opals have appreciated handsomely. Because there is a finite quantity of gemstone quality Australian opals available worldwide, demand for Australian opalscontinues to rise. With the rise of Australian opal demand comes fraudulent sellingtactics,as some sites sell treated Ethiopian opals as Black opals so only buy from trusted sites

About Australian opals
Investors should use caution when purchasing Australian opals online. The following pieces of Australian opal buying wisdom will help.

-Read as much as possible about the history, mining, and present conditions of the opal market.
Is the Australian opal you are purchasing a doublet or a triplet?
Is your Australian opal solid, insinuating 100% the real thing,not Ethiopian Opal treated?

-Understand the different types of opals available on the market today.
Black Opals: rare and expensive, nicknamed the “Rolls Royce” of opals.
Boulder Opals: Opals on ironstone backing formed naturally.
White Opals: Very common and brightly colored.
Crystal Opals: Translucent and high quality when mixed with a good color.

-Personal preference should direct buying decisions.
What is the purpose of your opal purchase?

Utilizing an online opal auction service is the best method for getting the most value. Reputable Australian opal auction sites should only promote verified sellers and include detailed photos of the gem from all angles. Pay attention to Verified seller ratings, volume of sales, and previous buyer feedback to guide auction bidding. Along with a diversified long-term portfolio structure, the addition of Australian opals can add stability and inflation protection.

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