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Mermaid Waters, Queensland -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2014 -- Australia 22nd April 2014, Opals are national gems of Australia that are beautiful, unique and rare. They are most wanted gems in the gem market from decades. The chemical composition of the opals is silica and water which falls in the category of mineraloid. Opal gems have great demand across the globe and many ecommerce sites have created subsequent auction for opals. To know more about the opal auction visit http://www.opalauctions.com/stores/queen-of-gems/

Here are some of the world’s largest opal mines:

- Australia is the largest producer of opal which forms 97% of the world’s production.
- Ethiopia is the second contributor of opal. It is said that many farmers turned miners of opals
- Central mountain ranges of Mexico have opal mines that produce quality gems.
- Brazil contributes the least of all. Opals here are commonly known as “rainbows of the desert”

Australian opals handsomely pay back when invested as long term investment. As these gems are rare and limited in quantity, the price fluctuations or inflation does not affect the investors. The demand for Australian opals is growing across the globe and is reaching the customers through ecommerce sites as well.

One must be aware of the quality of the opals as they are treated and sold as rare opals. These are common and cheap tactics used to make money. Subsequently before any purchases made local or online, the buyer should do some homework. The common things to be considered while purchasing opals are:

- Try to gain much knowledge about the opals, history, mining, current market of opals, etc.
- Beware of the treated opals as many Ethiopian opals are claimed as Australian opals and sold out in the market. Only people with right knowledge identify the difference.
- Try to know about the different types of opals available in the market like black, boulder, white, crystal opals, etc.
- Last but not the least personal preference of buying the opal.

One of the best methods for buying genuine opals is to visit opal auction sites as they are ensured of getting great value for money spent. Australian opal auction sites promote only genuine and verified gem traders. Therefore buyers can go ahead without hesitation with their purchases.

About opalauctions
They are the most reputed opal traders online and have sold around 3000 opals online. Visit http://www.opalauctions.com/stores/queen-of-gems/ to view opals with detailed description.

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