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Australian Pet Enclosure Company Dishes Opinion on Latest Pet Industry News

Pet news shows promise of better pet conditions according to pet enclosure company Coops and Cages.


Carlton, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2014 -- The pet industry continues to make history. Pet causes are now gaining popularity as shown by the support being received from known personalities. The pet food industry is making more sales than ever. Individual organisations are encouraging the public to participate in pet charity endeavours. With these events, Coops and Cages, an Australian pet enclosure company says that it’s an indication how pets are a significant part in many people’s lives.

No doubt, sporting equestrian horses are usually getting the royal treatment they need. But are they the only ones making a significant contribution to the society? According to Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal and HRH Princess Haya, working horses, other than those used in sports, are just as valuable despite being considered invisible. In poorer countries, these help ensure that their owners are able to feed their families. However, despite their importance, working horses are subject to poor health conditions due to the owners’ lack of knowledge on how to take care of them. Their condition is further aggravated by having no access to skilled pet health professionals. The Princess discussed this problem in a conference held in London attended by 27 countries. With the said conference, it is hoped for that the contributed researches and findings by individual countries will propel better conditions for working horses.

On another note, Petfood companies are gaining momentum each year with their sales. Recession may have hit the banking industry but the pet food industry was spared from such fate. This continues to grow by 4% annually on a global scale. Its great performance was not left unnoticed by an independent investment bank, Cascadia Capital. It has several transactions and investments in the pet industry.

And how about the abused, abandoned or abused pets? Organisations such as the Royalty Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) are making an effort to educate the public on responsible pet care. This too is involved in collecting cash donations used for their several pet projects.

Jordan Walker, chicken tractor expert at Coops and Cages, hopes that such attention should also be given to other unpopular pets. “It’s nice that people from different nations are trying to make an effort to implement some changes to make the lives of pets better. I would like to see that day that these are not only limited to popular pets like as dogs and cats though. Nevertheless, we have to start somewhere and these efforts show that people are more than willing to make some allowances one step at a time,” he says.

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