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Australian Real Estate Entrepreneur Finds Success in the US


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- Australian native, Shelli Trung started investing in real estate at just 26 years old when she bought an “unsalvageable,” smelly, single family home in Melbourne Australia. When she first started building her real estate investment portfolio, she relied on Australian Property Investors Magazine. After deciding to move to the US in late 2011 to pursue its real estate market, she quickly found there was no neutral equivalent in the states and just like that, Investors Beat was born.

After receiving emails and phone calls from friends in Australia who were interested in buying US real estate, she realized there was no reputable, unbiased resource specifically designed for investors to learn about the US real estate market.

Shelli says, “A lot of what I saw that was packaged as ‘education’ was simply a means for developers to sell off poor quality investments to unsuspecting out-of-town buyers.”

Real estate is one of the key generators of wealth and they say most of the world's millionaires made their money through real estate. There were national publications in the US supporting entrepreneurs such as Inc and Entrepreneur magazine, but nothing that was the equivalent to support real estate investors.

Shelli says, “So I asked myself, why are we so underserved? I wanted to change this - to show the next generation of young people that real estate, as well as entrepreneurship which has become a lot sexier in recent years, is also a viable option to generate wealth as long as it is done right.”

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit on her side, she created Investors Beat, an online magazine that provides information such as real world case studies of renovation projects as well as inspirational content, profiling investors and advances in real tech - areas that many of the real estate publications are neglecting. Because they are a digital publication, Investors Beat’s information is accessible anywhere in the world to anyone who is interested in maximizing the opportunities in the US real estate market.

Since going live with their first article in January of this year, Investors Beat has published almost 200 articles, grown to 3000 Twitter followers, and 500 Facebook fans - all on a lean startup budget of about $300 on marketing. They also have a Meetup group of almost 400 members and have signed co-marketing agreements with 3 large real estate industry event organizers, not to mention numerous partnerships with real estate crowdfunding platforms, top legal and accounting firms as well as those in the mortgage and lending industry.

Shelli credits much of the website’s success to the fact that they are always listening to the investing community for ways to support them with a simple goal in mind: to help investors to make more money or to minimize the risk of losing money or time.

Shelli explains, “Every time we interview someone, profile a business or simply have a conversation - we are always thinking about how this helps real estate investors. We also try to keep an open mind about the information out there and maintain a balance view of the market.”

As Investors Beat continues to grow, Shelli says, “One of our key challenges is how well we have been received by the industry which is a great problem to have. We are growing quickly and resourcing around funding and staffing are areas we need to overcome to continue to support the community.”

Investors Beat is looking to go to print early next year and will run a crowdfunding campaign to support their next growth phase. Beneficial to both US residents and investors overseas, Shelli’s hope is that with Investors Beat, “more people will gain exposure to real estate investing and consider it as a viable option and opportunity to develop an alternative stream of income than just relying on their job.”

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