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Kenwick, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2014 -- Trampolines are becoming a part of most of Australians these days. Australia is emerging out to be a biggest market for the trampolines. There are several options available in the market which are not only safe but are also highly durable. Among all the available products, rectangular teampoline is becoming the hot product. In a recent update, sale of rectangular trampolines is increasing in Australia on a month on month basis.

These rectangular trampolines are becoming a unique way to help people stay fit. These are available in various sizes and models. Available with enclosures and even without enclosures, rectangular trampolines are becoming a must have for all the australian backyards. We can see a lot of Australians irrespective of their ages. Gender or any other demographics using these trampolines on the weekends in their backyards.

These trampolines are available in the various sizes suiting the needs of almost every one.of any age and physical built. The most commonly available rectangular trampolines are of the following structures:

7 Ft x 10 Ft with enclosure and ladders
8 Ft x 12 Ft with enclosure and ladders
10 Ft x 15 Ft with enclosure and ladders
10 Ft x 17 Ft with enclosure and ladders

With the increasing demand of rectanglar tramplolines in Australia, It is also been observed that Australia is becoming a huge market for the replacement parts also. In the recent years, a huge demand for the parts has been witnessed. The demand of the parts is highly concentrated on the trampolines springs and trampoline pads. There are various springs and pads which are available in the market. These springs are manufactured and sold to fit any of the trampolines available in the market. We suggest to buy the original springs from the supplier from whom the trampoline was purchased. An utmost care should be paid while replacing on the spring of the trampoline, as a spring of different configuration will end in producing an uneven and painful bounce. It can also end up in hurting your back or joints.

Another trampoline part which is gaining increasing demand is the trampolines pads. There are various products available in the market ranging from a normal replacement pad to an UV protected trampoline pad. It is highly advisable to buy a best quality pad for your trampoline to just not extend the durability and life of your trampoline but to also keep the safety intact.

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