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Australian Website "Skateboarding" Launches Facebook Photo Contest for the New Year


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2012 -- Skateboarding and long-boarding are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. The visual parallels between skateboarding and surfing are easy to see, but despite this, the land-based little brother has proven slower to catch on. Now, as popularity is increasing exponentially, Skateboarding have launched their website to provide a centralized online community for the diverse contributors to the sport, and will welcome 2013 with their first Skateboard Photo Contest.

The site offers the latest news from around Australia on skating and long-boarding, along with competition listings and results, upcoming events, and practical guides for skaters at every level. Their latest articles include how skaters can attract sponsors, skateboarding clinics, vintage interviews and their regularly updated twitter feed.

The site takes social media seriously, already having nearly three and a half thousand followers on Facebook and another two thousand on Twitter.

Skateboarding is celebrating the surge in popularity and indeed encouraging it to continue by offering an opportunity for budding sports photographers. Although the site has a featured ‘photos of the week’ gallery in which the best contributions are given pride of place on the home page, they have decided to take their imagery to the next level. The contest will be held on Facebook, and the photograph with the most likes will win six hundred Australian dollars, with the second prize winner taking home four hundred.

A spokesperson for the site explained the competition, “Image is a lot to do with why skateboarding is becoming so popular. Capturing imagery that demonstrates why the sport is so extraordinary and unique in turn captures the imaginations of those who are new to it. That helps us grow our community and fuel the rising passion for the sport. The competition is a way for us to democratize the image of the sport, as the winners will be decided by those with the most likes on Facebook. It helps us raise our profile and promote our message as well as giving something back to the community that inspires us to do this in the first place.”

About Skateboarding
Skateboarding is Australia’s one-stop website for all the latest skateboard and long-board news and views from Australia and around the world. As skateboarding and long-boarding grows in popularity Down Under, they are there to make sure their users grow with it. The site features a blog, forum, and regular competitions. For more information, visit website click my link