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Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2014 -- Weight conscious Australians had something to celebrate for when the weight loss supplement garcinia cambogia was first introduced into the market. While other countries are no stranger to this effective weight loss supplement, it took a while to reach the Australian market. On hearing the wonders it has done on many lives, citizens in this country could not wait for it to finally arrive in the market.

This food supplement is free from all chemicals and is purely extracted from a fruit called garcinia cambogia, also known in its native countries as tamarind. This fruit is shaped like a pumpkin and has been around for a while. History has it that the native people had known its weight losing properties and had been making use of it. It is only much later that the modern world has been introduced to it by the native people.

This fruit has been the focus of many scientific studies. The Journal for International Medical Research published its study saying “overweight patients on garcinia cambogia lost three-and-a-half kilograms more than those who had not taken garcinia cambogia extract” it has been proven repeatedly that the only thing that an individual has to lose on using this supplement is weight! It has successfully tackled hunger pangs, emotional eating and ping eating. Australians get the advantage of an additional 50 per cent on the purchase of this product for a limited season.

Websites and other outlets that sell this have repeatedly gone out of stock because of its high demand. For a clean slate to kick-start this diet, individuals can buy the cleanse catalyst. This is designed in order to cleanse the build-up of fatty deposits and toxins that pollute the body system, making it even more effective. People using this clean up first have reported that the diet supplement has worked faster as opposed to those who don’t. For more information please go to

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