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Australians Taking Advantage of Bad Credit Loans have announced that bad credit loans of up to $1,200 are now available to employed Australians.


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- “A simple personal loan from $50 to $1,200 can now be applied for straight from their mobile phone,” says Mr. James Clark, head of, an online service provider that match loan applicants with lenders that can provide a quick and easy cash loan, even if the applicant has bad credit.

“We can’t control when trouble happens. Cash cannot always be on hand when we need it. When you need some instant cash at the last minute, it’s time to consider a fast cash loan,” says Clark.

Clark, who understands the need for extra cash to pay an unexpected Car repair or get their hot water fixed after a storm, says that there’s not always time to wait until the next pay day.

“Here’s where we come in to the picture. We are like the go-between the lender and the borrower, and so provide the means for connecting the right borrower with the right lender… and it’s all done online, you can even do it all on your smartphone” says Clark.

With many types of personal loans, borrowers may have to wait several days to a week for bank approval. “When you need money fast, this is way too long to wait. A fast cash loan is exactly what it sounds like. We are here to help you apply online and receive your cash, normally within one day. In a mere 24 hours, you can have access to the money you need to take care of life emergencies,” notes Clark.

One of the great features of this online borrower-lender matching facility is the fact that the borrower saves time when applying for a loan, as the application submission is made via one’s Mobile.

The other advantage is that there is no longer a need for the borrower with bad credit to apply to lenders unlikely to lend to them due to their poor credit scores.

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