Austrian Tech Company Launches Campaign to Manage Flight Safety

Dual Auto-Pilot Manager for RC airplane and drones


Linz, Austria -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2014 -- Since the late 1990s, with the rapid advance in electronic technology making it more affordable and available, radio control flying has become a popular hobby. Unfortunately, many hobbyists experience the expense of having their craft plunge to the ground uncontrollably after experiencing problems in the flight control unit with frozen autopilot, lost GPS or magnetometer. Sometimes this can result in property damage not only to the operator's craft, but also where the craft crashed or even bodily harm if it caused injury to bystanders or others enjoying their day. An Austrian company, GizmoTech GmbH, has created an Auto-Pilot manager and launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise capital bring the circuit control board to the commercial-users, professionals and hobbyist, faster through mass production.

Most Radio Control aircraft have an Auto-Pilot. The AP Manager is not a new Auto-Pilot, but rather a redundancy circuit board which creates an automatic monitoring and controlling bridge between two independent running autopilot systems. The Data of each autopilot system is able to be monitored and changed during the flight separately. All that is required is an autopilot system that is able to produce a periodically recurring signal like I2C communication or a CAN bus to determine the state of health. And the board is designed to accommodate most compatible ports of commonly used autopilot systems such as: Ardupilot, PX4, Pixhawk, DJI NAZA V2, DJI A2 and MikroKopter …etc..

The engineering phase of the product cycle is nearly complete and the company is now seeking funding from angel investors to move into the manufacturing and shipping phase. Carefully calculated, their time on delivery date is extremely dependent on reaching the goal set for this campaign. Rewards for helping this campaign fund include early bird delivery of the product. For those unable to help fund monetarily at this time, the company hopes they will consider sharing the campaign on social media to get the word out to interested drone users.

For more information, visit AP Manager - Flight Safety Future.

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