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Authentic Cabinetry & Stoneworks Can Help You Achieve Your Dream

Kitchen Through Artful Renovation


Edmonton, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2012 -- Authentic Cabinetry & Stoneworks, a reputable and seasoned fine cabinetry company located in Edmonton, brings its all-encompassing attention to detail to each kitchen that it remodels. With an extensive focus on kitchen cabinets and countertops, the company is able to transform any kitchen into a contemporary example of luxury and elegance.

For homeowners seeking to improve upon their Edmonton cabinets and countertops, the clear choice is Authentic Cabinetry & Stoneworks. With over 30 years experience in design and construction, the company has remodeled countless kitchens with an eye for contemporary style and sophistication. Authentic Cabinetry & Stoneworks offers a number of services to homeowners designed to streamline the renovation process and provide optimal results, quickly and efficiently.

“We have a keen sense of what people are looking for when they want to renovate their kitchens with new kitchen cabinets and countertops,” says Trevor Lee, President of Authentic Cabinetry & Stoneworks. “Our design team is exceptional at helping to bridge the gap between a customer’s vision and the finished product that they’re getting, ensuring that these two things are one in the same.”

A crucial element to the success of Authentic Cabinetry & Stoneworks is the company’s ability to pre-render images of the finished kitchen for customers through the use of their CAD programming tools. This allows consumers to get an accurate image of what their dream kitchen will look like before renovations ever even begin.

From conception to fruition, Authentic Cabinetry & Stoneworks makes getting Edmonton cabinets and countertops easier than ever. Measurement and pre-construction planning, up through construction and installation are all covered expertly by the company. And, each step of the way, customers are able to be involved in shaping their dream kitchen: picking wood or varnish types for cabinets and countertops, as well as helping to determine the overall master layout of the renovation.

“With all of our experience and countless successful renovations in our portfolio, we’ve gained an important understanding of what homeowners are looking for when they remodel their kitchens,” says Lee. “We put this knowledge into effect each time we undertake a project and it’s highly successful for both ourselves and the people we’re working with.”

To learn more about Authentic Cabinetry & Stoneworks, its areas of expertise, services, products or to see examples of its work, please visit or call (780) 473-8843.