Author and Photographer Jon Katz Seeks Funding Support for His 26th Book 'Talking to Animals' via Kickstarter

Jon Katz is putting together 15 years of study and living with animals for a book and e-book: "Talking To Animals," new paradigm for communicating.


Cambridge, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2014 -- Jon Katz has been writing about animals and living with them for 15 years on Bedlam Farm, his farm in upstate New York. Every day he has been studying how to communicate with them - dogs, donkeys, goats, cows, barn cats, chickens and sheep. He has written nine books about animals from his farm.

Jon Katz has explored these subjects in his life and books and he wants to gather his knowledge and experience together to break some new ground that will be helpful to anyone who lives with an animal, pet or livestock. He believes he can help move towards a new language, a new way of talking to animals and listening to them. They don't have words, it is a different kind of language. While the pledge period is short and finite, Jon will need between six months and one hear to complete "Talking To Animals," a book to be published in book and e-book format. 

First, Jon needs time to focus on this project, always challenging in this distracted world. Secondly, he needs sophisticated photographic equipment to capture the emotions, eyes and details of animals, always difficult in the face of weather, movement, changes in light. Animals do not pose naturally, Jon needs to acclimate them to his camera and proximity, have lenses strong enough to photograph them from a distance, fast enough to capture their eye movements and expressions. 

"This is a profound change for a mid-list author," Katz says, "but an exciting one. There is a new paradigm for the creators of content and the consumers of content, I feel it is a collaboration as much as a project. For authors, I feel as if I'm stepping into the future. And about time."

This project will only be funded if at least$9,000 is pledged by Wednesday Feb 12, 9:21am EST.

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