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Author Attracts Werewolf Fans with Free iBook Werelord Thal

With the second book of the Werewolves in the Renaissance series releasing next month, indie author Tracy Falbe is giving away free iBooks to new attract new readers. Werelord Thal is currently a free download and its sequel Journey of the Hunted is available for preorders at only $0.99.


Battle Creek, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2014 -- Readers win with self publishing authors because of the freedom these authors have with pricing and promotions. Tracy Falbe, author of ten fantasy books, has always enjoyed steady sales at the Apple iBooks store, and now it is free for readers to discover her newest series Werewolves in the Renaissance.

This historical fantasy set in 1561 Bohemia begins when a witch casts a spell before she is burned at the stake. Her magic changes her only son Thal into a powerful werewolf who hunts down her killers in the complex world of the 16th century Holy Roman Empire.

This is a time when religious wars plague the continent as Protestants challenge Catholic rule from Rome. The population is rising and the economy of the Medieval period is giving way to a global monetary economy ruled by bankers and princes.

“As a character Thal creates a new twist on the werewolf trope. Instead of being a man who loses control and becomes a wild animal, he offers the ideal of a man capable of compassion and friendship while being in tune with his natural instincts and animal power. In the story he acts as a symbol of the natural world under assault from a human civilization at the dawn of our modern age,” explained Falbe.

Werelord Thal: Werewolves in the Renaissance 1 takes the beliefs about magic and monsters from that era and makes them real. Falbe crafted a story of werewolves, witches, and sorcerers within a society reeling from religious and technological upheaval.

“The 16th century sees the rise of propaganda because of the print revolution and increased literacy. All sides are pushing their agendas and demonizing their opponents,” Falbe said.

She added, “Although I deal with complex themes and inspirations, I write fantasy books full of action and emotion.”

A recent 5-star review at the Apple iBooks store for Werelord Thal stated, “The story never once got boring. I read it in a day. Definitely a great read.”

The next book in the Werewolves in the Renaissance series Journey of the Hunted will be released on November 8. Fans of werewolf books can grab it on preorder for only $0.99.

The iBooks store serves free iBooks and sells ebooks to readers in over 50 countries. Any iOS device like iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers can access the iBooks store. The release of the new operating system iOS8 offers the iBooks app on the home screen, making it easy for interested readers to find the free iBook Werelord Thal.

Falbe lives in Battle Creek, Michigan where she operates Brave Luck Books http://www.braveluck.com to market and sell her fantasy fiction worldwide. She has been writing since 1997 and began self publishing in 2006 when her website was the only place she could sell ebooks.

Her fantasy books are:

Werelord Thal
Journey of the Hunted
Union of Renegades
The Goddess Queen
Judgment Rising
The Borderlands of Power
Rys Rising
Savage Storm
New Religion
Love Lost

See her complete portfolio of ebooks and audiobooks at iBooks.