Author Bryan Rylee Offers Inside Secrets of Delicious Turkish Cooking in New Kindle Release Cookbook: 101 Delicious Turkish Recipes

The spirit of Turkish cooking is captured perfectly in the new Kindle book Cookbook:101 Delicious Turkish Recipes by author and Turkish food expert Bryan Rylee.


Ankara, Turkey -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2014 -- Turkey, as a traditional crossroads between the Middle East and Europe, has a culinary pedigree that is second to none in its blending of Eastern and Western influences. Still it's a style of cooking that's relatively unknown by many, especially in North America. Author Bryan Rylee has taken a big step towards righting that wrong with his recent release on Kindle of “Cookbook: 101 Delicious Turkish Recipes” a book that's sure to be looked towards as one of the best introductions to Turkish cooking in recent memory.

“Asian food is very popular world-wide, but for some reason Turkish food has been somewhat neglected,” commented Rylee. “Those in the know acknowledge the depth and beauty of Turkish cooking and now I hope my book can expose it to more people so they can enjoy it in their own homes too.”

Classics like lamb kebobs and hummus are featured in the book, of course, but that's just the beginning. In the six chapters of “Cookbook: 101 Delicious Turkish Recipes” dishes with a less high profile are also explored in all of their glory. The common trait they share – a delight to prepare and even more of a delight to enjoy with friends and family.

Response to the Kindle release has been very enthusiastic.

B. Barnes recently said in a 5 star Amazon review, “Hats off to Bryan Rylee for creating this Asia cookbook mastery, yes that's the way I must describe it. I have never seen such a recipe book in all my life, filled with marvelous Turkish recipes perfect for any occasion one can think of. Now it's all left to the desire of the cook because this book brings its all. Perfectly done by the author.”

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