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Author Buddy Rogers Releases Compelling Fiction Series; Urging Readers to Question Worlds of Government, Finance & Crime.

Buddy Rogers is a prolific writer who can be found at his keyboard all and every day. Fusing his own creative spirit with knowledge can only be gained from living through his unique life experiences, Rogers is delighted to announce the launch of two compelling new fiction books – ‘Ignorant Sheeple’ and ‘Sovereign City, NM’.


Las Cruces, NM -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- Buddy Rogers once had it all; money, fast cars and abundant success in the world of sports. However, after losing it all, life took a dramatic turn. Thankfully, in the case of Rogers, that turn was the radical transformation into a fast-fueled writer that would see him create an endless array of gripping narratives.

Rogers’ first published releases form part of the same powerful series, taking a fictional yet vitally-important look at the corruption in Government, the arena of finance and the crime underworld.

‘Ignorant Sheeple’ - Banksters, gangsters, politicians, predators, priests and let's not forget those corporate thugs in suits who fleece you Sheeple. Bobby Saxon hacked into a computer and discovered just how deceitful they all are. Then they came and killed his loved ones because of his intrusion. He knows where the money went and to who. He knows that they lie, cheat and steal from the people to satisfy their own selfish desires. Millions of people have never heard of the BIS because they are ignorant and obedient to their Masters. One would think that the Nazis lost the war, but what they did win was the financial battle for the world. Enter Shane Riddle, ex veteran and NYPD Detective who was married to Bobby's sister. He and the other new breed of patriots will cut through all the red tape and find justice. So enjoy the ride from New York to Europe and onto New Mexico and learn about history of America that no one told you about.

‘Sovereign City, NM’ - He's back and they cannot find the missing money. They cannot even charge him with a crime because the money is unaccounted for. While they cheat the people of America again; young Bobby Saxon is busy spending it on America as fast as he can. Those who come from abroad seek revenge because Shane had taken care of his personal business with them. But they want more than the money now. No one can be trusted on Wall Street or on Capitol Hill. Reinvesting in America is a cover up and it is not about repaving roads. Reinvesting is investing in the people and to those who need help. It is about restoring freedom from Wall Street and the Government. Bobby fights back and his friends are right there with him taking down the bad guys. Of course having a well-armed militia in the neighborhood is so constitutional. Bombs, bullets and payback is just so sweet and it is not over. Everyone wants the money, but that ain't going happen.

As the author explains, he drew inspiration for his writing from the most unlikely of places.

“I met someone with a unique insight into my book’s depictions and I dissected his mind for 8 months. I can’t publicly say who he is - but I can admit that he is the most fascinating person anyone will meet. He’s certainly lived a unique life.” says Rogers.

Continuing, “Completing these novels has been an incredibly enriching experience for me. I have a head full of ideas and I literally can’t stop writing. This is just the beginning and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.”

Reviews for the books have been overwhelmingly-positive. For example, one reader said this of ‘Ignorant Sheeple’:

“Wow!! I felt like I was reading the Washington Post in today’s environment. The excitement is that this story has real life truth blended into fiction so that the reader can enjoy its contents. It’s a great read and everyone needs to read this. I could not put it down.”

Both books are available now: http://amzn.to/15sIeWI.

About Buddy Rogers
Hello to those of you who are reading this. I have spent my entire life in sports and enjoying a carefree American lifestyle. Not looking back or forward; until one day it all changed for me. During this change I came upon a most driven inner voice that pushed me into writing. Characters, plots and various genres never cease to abandon me and I embrace it all. I grew up South Carolina for 10 years and then moved to Southern California and there I began playing every sport available. After my college hoop days, I traveled to South America and Australia to play. After those days were behind me I refereed basketball for 35 years and played some serious softball as well. All my energy is now focused on writing.
I truly have some unique insight to fiction that will enlighten you and hopefully entertain you as well. There certainly is more about me to share with you and that is all part of the journey folks. Thanks Buddy