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Author Burns Hundreds of Her Books in Tremendous Ancient Fire Ritual to Launch Sensational New Trilogy of Epic Story of Magic

Internationally acclaimed British author, A.K. Luthienne launches sensational new trilogy of epic story of magic in a highly controversial manner, as she burns hundreds of her earlier published books in tremendous raging fire to invoke powerful ancient alchemy.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2013 -- The author recently emulated the most powerful ancient fire rituals on earth to invoke the profound alchemy at the heart of the story itself to launch her new trilogy to the world: a spectacular tale of reclaimed destiny.

Watch the 1-minute YouTube movie of the fire ritual at http://tinyurl.com/cdn86ds

Hundreds of millions have entered the story worlds created by highly acclaimed and well-loved British authors J.K. Rowling and J.J.R Tolkien as they journeyed into The Lord of the Rings’ Middle Earth and the magical world of Harry Potter. Now meet the world of yet another epic British author as A.K. Luthienne presents the world of alchemy through The Sacred Quest.

Within this world, as we journey with the heroes questing to become alchemists once more and reunite across time, some of the oldest mythologies and mysteries dating back to the beginning of time and genesis of creation are unveiled and solved.

Seven principles of alchemy are laid bare, the world behind an illusion is revealed and with it an idea so incredible that it leaves you breathless.

At the heart of the story world is a language created and spoken by the author, one hailed by a highly accomplished linguistic authority as a new living language.

Trilogy synopsis

As the story crosses genres of myth, fantasy and science fiction in an epic journey of magic contrasting time, perspective and system, the heroes must determine a way to break free of a tyrannical and deadly enslaving system to reunite across time and space and complete what they once began. The astounding secrets of an unusual language, mysterious ring and ancient, precious manuscript join many age-old mythologies as they weave together and come to life to unveil a path left for the heroes across time. As the secrets of the magic behind creation and the seven principles of alchemy are unveiled, the stage is set for one of the most spectacular and thrilling epic love stories of all time, at its heart and within its sensational climax: two alchemists and the real story of alchemy.

The story of how the author came to write this trilogy is as inspirational as the trilogy itself.

“I knew it was my destiny to write this unusual story the instant it appeared to me seven years ago, late one night in a moment of deep despair and immediately after a series of profound events. As I left behind a high-profile career and marriage to become a single mother and pursue my calling to write this mysterious story, I was propelled upon a remarkable seven year rollercoaster journey that the story itself seemed to be leading me on in order to write it,” says Luthienne.

“Such is the nature of this remarkable tale that I have had to face and transform my own extreme fear to be able to write it.”

Pre-release reviews for the trilogy have been outstanding:

“I’m thinking of some of the really great, memorable books that I’ve read: everything from Murakami to Harry Potter to classics like The Alchemist. Well, this is one of those stories. Really something special and totally unique,” says P. Gerrard.

“What a breathtaking and extraordinary journey this trilogy takes you on, touching and activating one’s soul at every turn of a page. It’s a life-changing read for all,” says D. Ama Day, CEO Positive TV.

India’s The Sunday Guardian says this of A. K. Luthienne’s writing, “Fast-paced with a remarkable storyline that encourages us to follow our heart and destiny, it is a must read.”

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The Sacred Quest Trilogy is available as books and ebooks through Amazon and all major retailers worldwide.

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About the Author: A.K. Luthienne
A.K. Luthienne is an internationally acclaimed author, philosopher and alchemist. Based upon her own mysterious and incredible life experiences, she believes that we are each inherently an alchemist and writes her unique, epic novels to open people to that possibility so that they may reclaim their destiny.

With a strong knowledge of screenwriting her books are a spectacular cinematic experience.