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Author Courtney Wood Releases Her New Book, The Ultimate 'How To' Guide to Internet Marketing


Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2013 -- Richmond, Virginia, USA – Richmond, Virginia based acclaimed Online Marketing Trainer & Consultant and first-time author, Courtney Wood, has announced the release of her maiden book titled, "The Ultimate 'How To' Guide to Internet Marketing". Author Courtney Wood is amongst the very few real people who have found success and achieved financial freedom online and are willing to share their experience with others. Her new book has a very apt tagline that reads, "Exposing the Best-Kept Strategies for Succeeding in Online Marketing," as the author holds no bar in revealing the best of strategies that are known and practiced only by Internet Marketing Gurus and must be in the arsenal of those who want to emulate their success.

Available in an eBook format, readers can download this 132 pages book to their eBook readers like Kindle or Nook, or any tablet, cell phone, laptop or computer from the following URL:  for just $5, originally $67. The immensely helpful book is laid out in sections that are easy to read and follow even by people who are new to the world of Internet Marketing and it contains everything that they might need to know about the subject.

"My book is about discovering what Internet Marketing really is and what it isn't! My readers will not only learn the advantages of Internet Marketing that they can use in their favor but also how to patch its cons and make the best of their new-found lucrative business. It's all there, packed in one ultimate guide – nothing either held back or left to imagination," says Courtney Wood, the author of the book. "Internet Marketing, put quite simply, is the concept of business marketing, both to customers and to other businesses (B2B), by use of the Internet. The book contains everything you need to know about how to win the Internet Marketing war!"

In her new book, "The Ultimate 'How To' Guide to Internet Marketing", author Courtney Wood aims at showing her readers how to achieve financial freedom by making the most of internet marketing. The new book provides extremely useful information, more like a step-by-step guide showcasing the real opportunities that can enable one to become financially independent. It goes into in-depth details on how to plan one's Internet Business and choose the "right" model - even if it is the first ever business of one's life. It further goes on to showcase multiple ways of making money online that are being used by the TOP Internet Marketers from around the world.

"There is very little that can differentiate from what works and what doesn't, online. To a newbie, every online opportunity might appear to the proverbial gold or the jackpot, but believe me, it's not," elaborates Ms. Wood. "Today, I am fortunate enough to be making an impressive amount of money online. However, the initial days weren't easy as I faced a lot of stumbling blocks and had a real hard time trying to find my way around. I know from experience, how frustrating it can be for someone just starting out. I tested one program after another to be able to find something that really worked, can be scaled up and replicated time and again. I learned from my experiences and kept enhancing my knowledge, which I have now shared in my new book."

The book is aimed at empowering the readers on how to identify niches that have enormous demand so that they can identify the best products that can be sold online by harnessing the immense power of the major Search Engines like Google and Yahoo and leveraging upon the absolutely free Search Engine traffic for the success of their online venture. It also showcases all the essential tools one might need to get started online and how they can be acquired at an affordable price.

Being touted as one of the extremely insightful and helpful books released in the Internet Marketing genre in recent months, "The Ultimate 'How To' Guide to Internet Marketing" by Courtney Wood is expected to emerge as a must-read for all men and women who seek respite from their 9-5 jobs and aspire to achieve financial independence. Those who seek their success online are the ones who would really benefit from and enjoy everything that this amazing new book stands for.

"Succeeding online is a dream for many but not everyone sees it coming true. And they quit. This is most unfortunate and something that I seek to change through my book,"speaking on the inspiration for his new book, the author says. "My personal quest for online success and the huge learning from my experiences have been the inspiration for this first book of mine. I sincerely hope that through this book I will be able to reach out and help my readers and inspire them to achieve real financial freedom through their online ventures. If my book is able to help even a single person achieve his financial goals, I'd deem it a great success!"

The author has based the book on her personal experiences and the quest for online success. With an aim to share with her readers the insights she has gained over the years, author Courtney Wood has released her first book, which is expected to be of particular interest to variety of people including but not limited to single or stay-at-home moms and dads, entrepreneurs, network marketers, online marketers, retirees, work from home, college kids, Ex-Military Professionals and people interested in quitting their day jobs amongst others, particularly if they have a keen interest in pursuing success online.

To buy the book "The Ultimate 'How To' Guide to Internet Marketing" by Courtney Wood, please visit the following URL:

About Author Courtney Wood
Courtney Wood is an acclaimed Online Marketing Trainer & Consultant. In a short period of time, Courtney has been able to beat the corporate rat race, establish multiple steady streams of income, all online, while helping others escape to freedom, retire from their jobs, get out of financial debt and achieve financial independence. Courtney's expertise is centered on showing marketers duplicable marketing strategies aimed at establishing their brand and credibility online using social media and blogging to build a successful 6-7 figure online empire. For more information on Courtney Wood, her book or services, please log on to

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