Author Johnny Delirious Launches Latest Ebook Detailing Encounter with the Greys

Ebook Reveals Secrets Uncovered Through Mind Meld With Elusive Alien Visitors


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2013 -- An estimated 4 million people in the United States alone have reported being abducted by aliens. While numerous extra terrestrial entities are believed to be the culprits in such incidents, a species known as the Greys seems to be the most commonly encountered. Though skeptics tend to chalk such occurrences up to sleep paralysis due to similar symptoms between the two experiences, a few differences are key in determining whether an alien abduction or sleep paralysis has taken place. Explaining these factors in the midst of recounting his own brush with the Greys, author Johnny Delirious has launched his most recent ebook entitled Cocaine Addiction CURED.

Johnny Delirious affirmed, "The skeptics can call these abductions what they like, but some of the evidence simply can not be ignored. In battling my own cocaine addiction, I became well aware of the mind controlling effects of the drug. It was only after my experience with the Greys that the pieces of the puzzle truly came together. These aliens are using this drug to manipulate the very leaders of our planet. My biography goes into detail about how I learned this as well as a great deal of other information about events that shaped our history."

In his book, Delirious details his abduction at the hands of the Greys and the implant they used in an attempt to read and control his mind. Following a meld with the collective mind of the Greys, he became privy to the true nature of Area 51 in Roswell, concealed facts regarding World War II, how the Greys are using cocaine as a gateway to domination and their plans for the future of our world. Delirious also speaks of his release from the horrors of this species' control through the light of God and symptoms of aliens abducting people in their sleep.

Self made master of the impossible, Delirious developed his own cure for Hepatitis C. After being diagnosed with Hepatitis A and B in high school, he followed the diet and rest routine his doctors recommended. Though both forms of Hepatitis were relieved using common methods, he was diagnosed with Hepatitis C several years later. Experts stated his only course of action was a liver transplant; however, he created his own treatment plan that left him with no antibodies or scar tissue. Through his earlier biographical releases including Hepatitis C, Cured, The Delirious Recovery Program and The Cirrhosis Recovery Program, he shares his methods with others suffering from these conditions.

Concluded Delirious, "When I was diagnosed, I had a number of questions. How is Hepatitis B transmitted? What are the symptoms? Where do I go from here? Those facing the same concerns may visit my website for information regarding this illness. They can find a great deal of information on the symptoms as well as how to prevent spreading Hepatitis. They will also find tips on how to help reduce the symptoms and better cope with their diagnosis."