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Author Kirk Douglas Yancey Publishes Hard-Hitting African American Poetry Book

Shedding light on issues like slavery and discrimination of Black people, author Kirk Douglas Yancey has released new poetry book titled Slave Chronicles. The book is now available on Amazon and has received positive reviews from readers across the globe


Parker, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2015 -- According to Kirk Douglas Yancey, the author of Slave Chronicles, there is a lack of hard-hitting and absolutely true African American poetry regarding the slave-trade and discrimination of Black people and African Americans. "Slavery still exists in one form or another," stresses the author. He states that the book has been written like a personal diary and all the poetry has been written with in-depth research and personal experience.

"Poignant stories are told of men losing their minds and of Black tears being cried in vain," Stated one buyer at the Barnes and Noble listing of Slave Chronicles. She further added in her testimony "Slave Chronicles by Kirk Yancey is a compelling book of prose based upon the author's research into African-American history. He details the agony experienced by the slaves on the slave ships which crossed the oceans while their occupants in the hold experienced confusion, starvation, disease, and longing for their homelands. The conditions of the slave quarters come through clearly and in an emotional voice that will bring readers to their knees with a sense of disgust and compassion. There are stories of how young strong men grow old with weariness, overwork, and depression nearly overnight. One man visualizes himself being thrown overboard, only to watch his soul wash away in the ocean."

Another buyer stated on the Amazon listing of Slave Chronicles "I have read many accounts of slavery, both fictional and non-fictional, but this is one of the most powerful works I've read."

"The sheer lack of factual African American literature and poetry in regards of slavery is what prompted me to write this collection of personal poetry in the first place. I also was compelled to write Slave Chronicles because I needed to pen down my personal experiences and do my part in showing this world the truth about what Black people and African Americans have been through in the past, and still go through till this day, in one way or another," stated Kirk Douglas Yancey in an official press statement regarding Slave Chronicles.

The book is now available for purchasing online in Hardcover, Paperback and e-Book formats.

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