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Author Lana Freiman Uplifts Readers Through Inspirational Lessons in Love, Hope and Happiness

With three books already published, Lana Freiman is rapidly establishing herself as a literary force to be reckoned with. Inspiring her readers through life-changing verses, vignettes and reflections, readers are called to question many aspects of their own lives and work towards affecting positive change.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2014 -- Everybody faces adversity. But only the fair few use their hardships to inspire others. Born into poverty and persecution in Ukraine, Lana Freiman has worked tirelessly to not only start her new life in the United States, but build a family that anyone would be proud of. With so many lessons in her heart and mind, Freiman is compiling her thoughts into books in the hope that they can change the lives of others.

To date Freiman has published ‘Sometimes Stars Fall For a Reason’, ‘Inspire Love’ and ‘How Love Saved Me’; three books that fuse the author’s own tumultuous life with her boundless wisdom.


‘Sometimes Stars Fall For a Reason’ - Change is always inevitable, especially in the lives of young people. This story is about a young girl's move from the home and neighborhood that she's known all her life into the unknown. "Given" a star when no other form of comfort seems to work, this new friend winds up being the key to happiness the little girl thought she might be leaving behind forever.

‘Inspire Love’ – Inspirational thoughts, dedicated to the author’s mother.

‘How Love Saved Me’ - This story is my humble declaration of how the power of love made me into the strong woman I am today. Knowing that I was loved, always gave me unexpected strength to overcome challenges and to hope for a better life.

“I cover a multitude of topics within my writing, with the main focus on personal growth and conquering that ever-distant pursuit of happiness and freedom,” says Freiman. “There’s no set roadmap for this journey but, having re-built my own life from the ground up, I do feel that I have a valid perspective that others can learn from.”

Continuing, “I dedicate my work to my family; they are my rock and I wouldn’t be the strong woman I am today if it wasn’t for everyone I have both grown up with and share my home with now. I hope readers will embrace my work and turn the last page with plenty to think about in the real world.”

To date, the books have garnered rave reviews. In reference to ‘Sometimes Stars Fall For a Reason’, S. Villacorta comments, “Very warm and pleasant. A great story with an even stronger message. A great read for anyone of any age.”

All three books are available now.

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://www.inspire-love.com.

About Lana
Lana was born in Ukraine, which was a Soviet Union Republic at that time. Her family lived in poverty, faced hardship and persecution. After 10 years of waiting for permission from the Soviet Government, her family was finally granted authorization to leave the Soviet Union; and they came to the United States as refugees. After arriving in the USA, Lana learned English and became an American citizen. As a single Mother, Lana has always worked very hard to raise her daughter and to become her role model. Currently, Lana lives in Phoenix, Arizona.