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Author Launches Halloween Promotion for Werewolf Book Series

A historical fantasy steeped in pagan magic and set during the Renaissance will be a free werewolf book download through Halloween. Werelord Thal by indie author Tracy Falbe presents a fast-paced adventure that makes witches and werewolves real in 16th century Bohemia.


Battle Creek, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2014 -- The Halloween season brings longer spooky nights and the desire to curl up with a good book. Tracy Falbe, an independent author of ten fantasy books, announced today that Werelord Thal: Werewolves in the Renaissance 1 will be a free ebook for the entire month of October.

Readers can use the free werewolf ebook as a gateway to discovering the werewolf book series Werewolves in the Renaissance that continues in the sequel Journey of the Hunted. The free version is available worldwide at iBooks, Nook, and Kobo. People who need the kindle format can get it for free from Brave Luck Books or Smashwords.

Recently described in a 5-star review as a “great read” at iBooks, Werelord Thal draws upon the black magic folklore of Renaissance Europe and the history of witch hunting to create a unique paranormal fantasy.

In the story, the werewolf hero Thal is summoned from the forest by the magic of his dying mother before she is executed for witchcraft. Her spell compels him to hunt down her persecutors.

Set in 1561 Bohemia in the heart of the Holy Roman Empire, Werelord Thal takes inspiration from this dynamic historical era that included religious wars, the print revolution, and widespread persecution of people labeled heretics and pagans.

As the hero Thal pursues his mother’s killers, he comes to terms with both his humanity and his savage magical powers.

In this excerpt, Thal resists the urge to consume human flesh.

His big sensitive nostrils explored the body. The meaty scent intoxicated him. His tongue licked across the torn scalp and the salty taste of blood dimmed his connection to his humanity. The simple joys of living, hunting, and feeding awaited him. There was nothing to stop him from descending into the blissful existence of a predator merely fulfilling its function in the circle of life.

But the face of the man troubled him. The smooth forehead and nose reminded him of how his face would be when he changed back to a man. And he would have to change back. Thal suddenly understood that he could not maintain his werewolf form all the time. He was not a wolf, like he had been. He was a man now. Great magic made him a unique man, but a man nonetheless.

About Tracy Falbe
Living and writing in Battle Creek, Michigan, Tracy Falbe operates Brave Luck Books http://www.braveluck.com where she promotes her fantasy fiction worldwide. Writing since 1997, she has published ten fantasy books. Her other two series Rys Rising and The Rys Chronicles are epic fantasies. Werewolves in the Renaissance is her newest series in which she takes her talent for magical adventure into a historical setting. Her novels are sold by mainstream ebook retailers worldwide. She began self publishing in 2006 and has earned many positive reviews from readers.