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Author of Alternate Hilarities: Weirder Science Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Production Funds


Syracuse, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2015 -- Alternate Hilarities: Weirder Science is a book by Giovanni Valentino that features a collection of humorous science fiction stories on topics such as time travel, body switching, mad scientists and other topics.  Now, the author has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production of this new book.

Stories include "Losing the Key to Time" and "You're Not Mad Enough" by Giovanni Valentino; "They Want Our Women!" by Greg Costikyan; "Body Swap" by Leea Glasheen; "Be a Low-Down Good-for-Nothing Space Bounty Hunter" by Gary Gould; "The Motherlode" by Anne E. Johnson; "Parting Gesture" by Arthur Carey; "Your Driving Assessment from SHIVA" by BT Petro; "Cargo Bay 13" by Caw Miller; "The Midnight Squid" by David Boop; "The Bot's Delusion" by Gunnar de Winter; "Shaggy Alien Stories" by John H. Dromey; "Brought to You By The Letters C&N" by TR Clark; "The Future of Fast Food" by Jennifer Moore; "So You Want To Be a Space Invader?" by Joe Mogel; "Our Little Family" by David Elliott; "If You Tolerate This, Then Your Children Will Be Necks" by Fiona Moore; "Space is a Bad Place" by Gerry White; "A Strange Case Study" by Gregg Chamberlain; "How To Travel Backwards in Time Without Getting Yourself Killed" by Laura Roberts; "A New Host" by Laura Thurston; "The Monster of Science Class" by Matthew Wilson; "With the Strength of Ten Gorillas" by Shana Figureroa; "The Commute" by Sheryl Normandeau; "Audit Day at FutureTech" by Taria Karillion; "Take Me To Your Leader" by John Grey; "The Murmur's Machine" by Jeffrey G. Roberts; "Kids These Days" by Tim Ahern; "The Giveaway" by Bonnie F. McCune; "Brought to You By Zap" by J.J. Jordan; "Poetic Justice" by Michael W. Lucht; "Pizza Planet" by Nick Aires; "Selling the Magnet Magnate" by Dan Doerflein; and "Oliver Swindel and the Time Manipulator" by Charles Frierman.

Located at, the Kickstarter campaign offers pledge levels from $4 to $1,000 and prizes ranging from copies of the e-book to $1 million in Monopoly money.  For more information about the specific prizes associated with each pledge level, visit the Kickstarter page.

About Alternate Hilarities
Weirder Science:  Alternate Hilarities:  Weirder Science is a compilation of a number of science fiction stories by various authors with a focus on humor.  These enjoyable stories create a volume that will be fun reading for all ages.

Contact Person: Giovanni Valentino
Company: Strange Musings Press
Address: Syracuse, NY, USA
Phone: 315-263-7560